Lance Stroll believes his team could have done a lot more last season

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Lance Stroll believes his team could have done a lot more last season

Lance Stroll finished his fourth season in Formula 1 in 11th place in the drivers' standings, scoring 75 points. Considering the performance of the Racing Point car last year, this result can be considered a failure. Especially compared to the placement of Sergio Perez, who was fourth in the standings.

A young Canadian agrees. Although he registered his first pole position at the Turkish Grand Prix in 2020 and two placements on the podium (Monza and Sakhir), he believes that he missed the opportunity for a better placement in many races.

However, it is quite normal in Formula 1 that most drivers do not use their chances because many factors play a role in whether a driver will be able to reach the desired goal. One of these races was in Turkey, of which Lance Stroll is aware.

They did not use that chance, but considering his age, there will still be many chances “We definitely had a very fast car, the team did an amazing job in developing that car over the winter. For my part, I don’t think the year went smoothly.

There were some highlights, the field was great and two podiums, but I think we had a lot more chances to stand or win points in general, and we didn't take that opportunity. "

Missed opportunities

“Hungary offered a chance for the podium, but there was rainy weather and things got mixed up, we finished fourth.

At Mugello, we were definitely in the game for the podium, in fourth place and catching third with a much better pace. I think Turkey was a big missed opportunity, we ran 30 laps and finished in ninth place with car damage.

” In addition to everything, he had the misfortune to be positive on COVID19, but as he says, it's all part of the sport “There were a few races that I think just slipped away from us, and of course, I had Covid as well.

There have been those missed opportunities, which is a bit frustrating, but it’s part of our sport. One should enjoy better moments and accept the difficult ones. "Unfortunately, we had more difficult ones in the second part of the season," said Lance.

Of the last nine races last season, the Canadian has competed in eight and scored points in just three. Statistics confirm his words, and it remains to be seen what 2021 brings him, the first in which his team will bear the name of the famous British car manufacturer - Aston Martin.