Christian Horner On Max Verstappen's Dominance, Cautions Against Early Predictions

"I’ve been in this business too long to draw too many conclusions from a single race. It’s a fantastic start."

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner On Max Verstappen's Dominance, Cautions Against Early Predictions
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Red Bull boss Christian Horner, in a media interview, discussed Red Bull's dominant start, which seems to make them the main contender for the title once again. Christian Horner does not want to generate too much optimism right from the start and believes that the upcoming races will reveal more. Horner didn't want to deny that he is happy and optimistic, but given his many years in the business, he knows creating early euphoria can be risky. After the accusations and everything that happened, Horner now wants to focus primarily on the new season and help Red Bull achieve their goal.

“Again, I’ve been in this business too long to draw too many conclusions from a single race. It’s a fantastic start, we’ll enjoy this moment, maximum points score.

But it’s a long season, many different venues, different challenges, different conditions. And what we saw in the testing is that things are closer.

Now we got it right this weekend, we took the right cars into the race, we executed a perfect race with both cars and we got a great finish. But I think that it will converge.”- Horner said, as quoted by

This Austrian team managed to be the only one of the teams that finished in the top 10 while switching to soft tires during the final stint. Horner is pleased not only with Verstappen's performance but also with Sergio Perez's performance, who is aware that he must show much more this season. Max Verstappen has once again convinced the world of his quality, which particularly delights Horner. Perez has hinted that this season could be much better for him, but as we have already said, making predictions this early is not the best thing.

“Yeah but look, everything’s relative, isn’t it? I think Checo came from P5, Max was obviously managing the race as many drivers are managing different tires at different times,” - he said.

“It’s not a question of how much you win, it’s a question about winning, and we won today, Max dominated the race, he was in a class of his own.

Checo drove an outstanding race as well, coming through the field from fifth on the grid, fastest lap, I think the back end of the race was exaggerated by the offset of tires that we carried in, I’m surprised others didn’t carry softs into the race when it was clearly, in these conditions, the better tire to have.”

Max Verstappen: I think today went even better than expected

Max Verstappen, considered by many as the main candidate for the title, expressed his joy with his performance. The Dutchman believes that moments when you have no issues with the car and everything goes smoothly are rare. He is optimistic that he will have many such moments in the future. After a fantastic season behind him, Verstappen does not lose motivation and wants to achieve great things again this year. The first race of this season is a good indicator of what we can expect. However, making judgments right from the start is not the best thing.

Max Verstappen
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Unbelievable, I think today went even better than expected,” Verstappen told Sky Sports.

“I think we had a lot of pace and it was just super enjoyable to drive today. We stayed out of trouble and it’s a great start of the year, it couldn’t have been better.

It was a lot of fun and I felt really good in the car. It’s always very special to have these kind of days because they don’t happen that often where it all goes perfect and you are at one with the car.”

Sergio Perez's reaction to the first appearance of the season

Sergio Perez finished 22 seconds behind Verstappen. Once again, he encountered numerous challenges, but he maximized the potential of his car. It appears that the Mexican driver could not have done more in this race.

Perez stressed facing several challenges during the race, particularly in managing the tires on the tricky track. Despite the difficulties, Perez considered their second-place finish to be the best outcome possible and emphasized the importance of the lessons learned for the championship. He saw it as a positive start to the season.

Perez is aware of the pressure from the media and his team's leadership. He must give his best at this moment and help the team endure until the very end. If he fails to meet expectations this season, it is difficult to believe that the Mexican driver will remain part of the team in the following season. The chances of that happening are slim.

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