Struggling to Find Consistency: Daniel Ricciardo Opens Up on Bahrain Qualifying

"I was disappointed in my position slash performance,” Ricciardo said

by Sead Dedovic
Struggling to Find Consistency: Daniel Ricciardo Opens Up on Bahrain Qualifying
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Daniel Ricciardo is not happy with his performance in Bahrain. He qualified for today's F1 Bahrain Grand Prix in 14th place. His ambitions were much higher before the start of the season, but it seems that his RB team currently lacks the potential for greater achievements.  Daniel Ricciardo believes he could have done much more and is not happy with his performance. His ambitions are much higher for the rest of the season, considering that such performances are not what we expect from him. There are many things with which the former Red Bull driver is dissatisfied. Ricciardo has also revealed the specific aspects that he is not content with.

“I was disappointed in my position slash performance,” Ricciardo said, as quoted by

“I didn’t drive * or anything. But I never really crossed the line being like ‘Yeah, I did a clear lap!’

I always knew I could make time at Turn 1, or Turn 4. There were always some parts on the track where I knew there was lap time.

But I never really was able to put it together.

Even if I improved a little bit then I’d probably lose a bit in the next corner, so it see-sawed a bit. I was never progressively gaining.

So I felt like, from that point of view, I wasn’t that happy with my session. In terms of team performance, this is where we thought."

The driver, Daniel Ricciardo, mentions that achieving a great lap would secure a place in Q3, but otherwise, they anticipate being in the top 12. The RB team has great potential, but it is also necessary for certain things to align for them.

Ricciardo notes efforts to optimize the car's performance through subtle adjustments in each session. However, he points out challenges during qualifying, where pushing the car to its limits can reveal issues. He suggests that he might not have been proactive enough in adapting to changing conditions within the car, leading to difficulties in putting together a flawless lap. The struggle involves a trade-off - pushing hard in one corner may result in mistakes in the next.

Ricciardo is always optimistic, but this time, he realized that it's tricky to constantly improve in every corner. At some points, he was losing, at others, he was gaining. Ricciardo also commented on Turn 1, stressing that he missed the apex a few times.

Despite everything, Ricciardo has no intention of giving up and is ready to give his best

“I just missed it a little bit, maybe some setup or feeling with tyres. 
But I would expect myself to be able to find that in a few runs in quali.”

Ricciardo discussed the expectations for the 2024 season, noting that there was considerable excitement from the outside, particularly among fans. However, he clarified that the team's goal is not to replicate a previously successful car but rather to make the most of their current resources. 

Daniel Ricciardo
Daniel Ricciardo© Rudy Carezzevoli/Getty Images Sport

He acknowledged the team's efforts in developing the car from the previous year, leading to some improvements here and there. Despite these gains, Ricciardo stressed that for consistent success in qualifying for Q3 and securing top 10 positions, there's still more work to be done. The team is aware that additional advancements are necessary to meet their performance targets

Fans' expectations and the team principal's expectations at RB Racing

RB fans believe that Ricciardo can make an even greater step this season and have high expectations for him. The question is whether Ricciardo can truly meet the expectations of both the fans and the team leadership. Judging by the previous season, it was evident how motivated and ready Ricciardo was to assist the team. His goal is certainly to prove to the Red Bull leadership that he deserves a place in the team.

Formerly Scuderia AlphaTauri and now RB Racing, the team intends to finally show its full potential this season. Having Ricciardo and Tsunoda in their lineup is probably a great advantage. However, for them to achieve success, it is crucial to secure a competitive car that truly gives them a chance to meet the team's goals. While it might be challenging for Red Bull to compete for the top spot against other teams, there is an expectation that they will at least partially achieve their objectives. Team principal, Laurent Mekies, has also expressed optimism that this team can accomplish great things
"I feel like I’m part of the beginning of something very fresh. Last year, the situation was completely different. Obviously, Ferrari has very high ambitions, the pressure is very different, and the demand for results is very different.”- Mekies said.

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