Jean Todt: "I feel the 2020 season was a great season and with a lot of creativity"

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Jean Todt: "I feel the 2020 season was a great season and with a lot of creativity"

FIA President Jean Todt is still not optimistic about the situation with the pandemic that has affected changes in sports but also changes in life in general. Many things had to change in the world of sports and it was not easy for anyone to adapt to the new conditions.

"Unfortunately, it's not over," Todt said, as quoted by motorsport "It's not like the season is ending, [so] we start from a white piece of paper. Lockdown is still going to happen, confinement, the virus is there."

However, given the progress of medicine, vaccines will soon be waiting for us that could change the complete situation. Todt is optimistic about vaccinations and believes that vaccines will change everything "There has been progress.

We are expecting a vaccine, so it will be good for the population, good for the planet to be able to enjoy that. Todt thinks it will take time for everything to return to normal. Even if there is a vaccine and everything, the world must wait for a complete recovery "But I'm sure that over the next days, we will hear quite a lot of potential changes on the different calendars, not only Formula 1, but on other calendars."

"If I had to commit on a back to kind of normal, even if I feel it will be a different life behind the COVID-19 crisis, I think half of next year, in my opinion, will not be as we could have expected to have in a normal season."

Facing pandemic

Still, he is satisfied with the season and how they have adapted to the new situation. They showed readiness to face a pandemic and succeeded in their goal. Todt says he could not have guessed that there would be three GPs in Italy "I feel the 2020 season was a great season and with a lot of creativity," Todt added.

"Who could have guessed one year ago when we met in Paris that we would have three grands prix in Italy, back-to-back [races] on the same circuit in Austria, in Silverstone, original racing in the Bahrain Grand Prix, in Turkey, so that is really a credit to Formula 1.

"I want to also highlight the role that was played by Chase Carey and his leadership of Formula 1, working with the FIA when you see what has been achieved to limit the people victim of COVID-19 in motor racing."

It will be interesting to watch the new season and we have no doubt in the readiness of the F1 leader and we can certainly expect a lot