Revving Up for Action: A Preview of the 75th Formula 1 Season

The new Formula 1 season begins on Thursday with the first free practice before the Bahrain Grand Prix

by Sededin Dedovic
Revving Up for Action: A Preview of the 75th Formula 1 Season
© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

The new Formula 1 season, the 75th in a row, opens its wings on Thursday with the first free practice ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix. This year, in this extremely competitive environment, the bright assumption falls on Max Verstappen, the three-time consecutive world champion, who last season set a new record with 19 triumphs in a single season.

Verstappen enters this season with a huge ambition to equal the legendary Alan Prost and former Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel for the number of titles won. Prost and Vettel each have four titles in their repertoire, and Verstappen is on his way to join this club of prestigious champions.

In the pre-season testing in Bahrain, Red Bull showed strength and dominated, which caused revived interests and expectations in Formula 1 for the new season. Last year, this team unleashed an incredible 22 races out of 21 driver weeks, proving without a doubt their supreme ability and consistency.

Along with the Dutchman Max Verstappen, Red Bull also has the Mexican Sergio Perez, who last season brought two major awards and proved to be a great force in the world of Formula 1. This tandem will be opposed by the main competitors Mero and the rest.

The focus of the public has been on Ferrari and Mercedes lately, since it was announced that Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time world champion from Mercedes, will move to Ferrari at the end of the season. This is news that has ignited a haze of interest and conversation in the Formula 1 world, raising questions about the motivations and prospects for both drivers.

However, now we won't see Hamilton in the red car because he still has one more year to do in Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes walks in the Paddock during previews ahead of the F1 Grand Prix of Bahrain© Clive Mason / Getty Images

On the other hand, the Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz is also on the cross, as he will leave him at the end of the season.

Last year, Schaintz was the fastest in the race in Singapore, which established him as an important player in the world of Formula 1 drivers. However, in the end, he will decide what is best for his career. In his final season at Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton will continue to have George Russell as his teammate.

It will be interesting to see how this tandem will work together, given the potential team dynamics. Hamilton may want to bid a dignified farewell to Mercedes, with whom he has been through a lot, and ensure the best possible result in his last season with the German team.

As for the changes in the other teams, there were no significant driver changes in the remaining seven teams. However, there are teams like McLaren and Aston Martin that could surprise. In the McLaren team, Lando Norris and Oskar Pjastri represent a strong combination, while in Aston Martin Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll have the potential to achieve great success.

The Swiss Sauber has returned to its first name after five years of cooperation with Alfa Romeo, while the Alfa Tauri team is now known as RB. This season brings with it a record number of races - 24, six of which will be sprint races.

The Chinese Grand Prix is back on the calendar for the first time since 2019 (from April 19 to 21), and sprint races will be held on six different tracks. Shanghai will host the first sprint race of the season, and Miami will also make its debut in sprint races.

The first two Sundays of the race weekend, in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, have been moved from Sunday to Saturday due to Ramadan, creating an additional challenge for teams and drivers. The Formula 1 season in Bahrain starts on Thursday with the first free practice, and the second practice is scheduled for the same day a little later.

Friday is the third free practice. The first race of the new season is on Saturday.
The season will end on December 8 with the race in Abu Dhabi. Every new season brings new challenges and changes, and this year is no exception.

In terms of changes in rules and technical specifications, Formula 1 is always on the edge of innovation. This time, new technical regulations aim to raise the level of safety and competitiveness in the series. With new challenges, drivers and teams will have to adapt to the changes and find ways to maximize the performance of their vehicles.

Off the track, there are other important changes taking place in Formula 1. The development of team management, team management strategies and ways of communication of all participants in the series become even more important as the sport expands and becomes a worldwide phenomenon.

Formula 1 remains one of the most watched and life-giving sporting events in the world. With a large number of teams, drivers and race weekends, this season promises exciting races and uncertain results. The great marketing work of the Formula 1 management in the last decade has definitely paid off for them.