Toto Wolff reveals the primary goal of Mercedes and what he expects from Red Bull

Wolff emphasized that the upcoming races will better reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Mercedes car

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff reveals the primary goal of Mercedes and what he expects from Red Bull
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Mercedes doesn't want to repeat the mistakes of previous seasons, entering this season with much greater ambitions and a clearer goal. 

Judging by Toto Wolff's statements, Mercedes is pleased with the pre-testing in Bahrain, as the Mercedes car was great. 

Predictions are already emerging about who could dominate this season, with Red Bull being the favorite, as in previous seasons. 

Alongside them, Mercedes always stands out as a contender, but Ferrari and McLaren are in the mix. It will be interesting to see if any of these teams can join the battle for the title or the top three positions. 

Wolff emphasized his satisfaction with what he has seen so far. In previous seasons, they had a car that lacked consistency. This year, they want their car to perform well race after race and compete for the championship. They are aware it will be a tough task, but the team's confidence can be seen, which is important.

“A new season brings new opportunity and it's exciting to be heading into a new campaign with all the drama it will inevitably bring. Each of the last two seasons, we've headed to the first race of the year on the back foot.

There was inherent goodness in the W13 and W14, but it often proved too difficult to unlock. They were inconsistent machines. Our main aim going into 2024 therefore was clear: create a consistent and stable platform. A car that would react as we expected. One that the drivers could consistently push. And one that we can develop throughout the year, in the knowledge that we are bringing real-world performance to the track. "- Wolff said, as quoted by

Toto Wolff
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Wolff, as an experienced figure in the F1 world, knows well the importance of preseason testing and what lies ahead. Wolff emphasized that the upcoming races will better reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Mercedes car. What can make them happy is that both Mercedes drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, are pleased with how the car performed in Bahrain. There are many encouraging pieces of information. Toto believes that Mercedes has excellent foundations for the future and potential progress. At this moment, they must be patient, believe in themselves, and hope that their car can truly compete with the top teams.

Toto Wolff on the testing phase and Red Bull

Wolff explained that during the testing phase, Mercedes focused on understanding their car. Now, the attention shifts to optimizing performance for the Bahrain race weekend. Red Bull is expected to lead the field, with the chasing pack closely contested. Mercedes will soon assess their position and the challenge of closing the gap to the front. One of their goals certainly is to dethrone Red Bull, just as Red Bull succeeded in dethroning Mercedes. The rivalry between these teams is one of the most exciting in recent F1 history. Both teams are truly superior and possess great qualities, but only one can become the champion. Mercedes has been on a decline in the last three years, and the past year was particularly disappointing for them. Red Bull was far ahead, undoubtedly causing frustrations within the Mercedes team. They are determined to do everything in their power to prevent Red Bull from reaching their objective.

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff
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Irrespective of the outcome, there's an evident enthusiasm within the entire team for the upcoming challenges. The anticipation is fueled by the lengthy and unpredictable nature of the racing season, with its highs and inevitable lows. The team is eager to start the journey.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Lewis Hamilton is ready to demonstrate that he has been the main figure at Mercedes all these years in his final season. The Briton wants to bid farewell in the best way possible and once again affirm his qualities. George Russell is already gradually preparing for a leadership role in the upcoming seasons, and his ambitions this season are to prove that he deserves to be the team's main figure in 2025.

Toto Wolff, George Russell and Lewis Hamilton
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Russell, in a media interview after Bahrain, emphasized how great it is to get back in the car and drive the W15 for the first time. The most important thing is that Russell feels great progress regarding the car. However, he remains cautious and aware that other teams have worked hard to upgrade their cars. Russell reflected on the previous season in which Mercedes fell far below its usual standards. He will have a challenging task this season, but George is, as always, optimistic that Mercedes has the potential for great achievements.

No interview can pass without mentioning Red Bull, and this time is no exception. Russell believes that they are definitely the favorites in the 2024 season.

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