Lewis Hamilton: The level of determination and communication the best I've ever seen

“Overall, it’s been a really good test. I’m really proud of everyone trackside."

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton: The level of determination and communication the best I've ever seen
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Lewis Hamilton had only words of praise for his team, which worked hard during the winter and before to assist both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in achieving their goals for the current season. The Briton is happy considering that this season he wants to correct his mistakes and finally compete for the championship. The pre-season testing in Bahrain had many positive aspects for Mercedes, as Lewis Hamilton mentioned.

“Overall, it’s been a really good test. I’m really proud of everyone trackside and those back at the factory. Every single woman and man has been working tirelessly, both at Brackley, Brixworth, and here in Bahrain.

It’s massively encouraging and great to see everyone working so well together. The focus, determination, and communication is the best I’ve ever seen."- Lewis Hamilton said, as quoted by formula1.com

Hamilton doesn't want to create excessive euphoria, considering that in previous years they were equally optimistic but without a solid foundation. Mercedes had one of the worst seasons, and they don't want it to happen again. Hamilton calls for patience and emphasizes that they have a great platform to build on.

“We know we’ve got work to do and we’re not yet where we want to be. We knew that would be the case coming into the test though. We’ve got a great platform to build on."- he continued.

The Briton emphasized that in the next few days, he will work harder than ever to go through all the data from the test. Although this is his last season with Mercedes, excitement is not lacking. There is a great atmosphere and optimism within the team, which is the starting point for success. 

Mercedes' leadership is determined not to witness a repeat of the same scenarios as the previous season. The dominance of Max Verstappen is likely something Mercedes' executives are eager to put a stop to. Having Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in the team is a fantastic asset. However, regardless of the drivers' quality, it's crucial to provide them with a car that can compete with the best teams.

Looking at the positive comments, it seems Mercedes might become a strong team again this season. Hamilton has an extra reason to do well since this is his last year with the team. It's common for people to want to leave their team on a positive note, and Hamilton is no different. He will surely put in his best effort to make the Mercedes leaders happy and achieve great results for himself this year.

Andrew Shovlin is optimistic

Andrew Shovlin, who works as the Trackside Engineering Director at Mercedes, explained the team's recent testing in Bahrain. He mentioned that they had three productive days and learned a lot about the W15, the current car they are using. Shovlin highlighted that the drivers' feedback this year has been more positive compared to last year, indicating improvements.

Andrew Shovlin
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Formula 1 fans are well aware that Mercedes is a team with the potential to return to its former glory. It hasn't been much time since the moment they last dominated. However, it was known that everything must come to an end, and that includes Mercedes' dominance. The emergence of the young Max Verstappen and Red Bull disrupted Mercedes' plans. The improvements that Shovlin is talking about could unsettle rival teams but also instill extra confidence in Mercedes drivers. It will be interesting to see how much they can leverage the potential of the new car and whether they are still ready to compete with Red Bull, and potentially with other teams.

He talked about the team's hard work in fixing issues with the car's handling that were present in the previous model (W14). Shovlin expressed satisfaction that they have managed to overcome several of these challenges.

Looking forward, he mentioned that the team is focused on carefully analyzing the results from the testing phase. The goal is to put together the best setup for the car to use during the upcoming race weekend.

George Russell emphasized that improvement is noticeable right from the start. In his words, you can feel happiness and excitement. Russell has been waiting for a long time to have a car with which he can achieve significant results. Perhaps this season will be an opportunity for him to make a breakthrough.

"You can definitely tell from the very beginning if the car is an improvement and if it's nice to drive. And it definitely is an improvement, there's no doubt about that."- Russell said.

We will see if Mercedes truly has the potential for great things in 2024.

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