Beyond the Podium: F1's Unwanted Records and Their Holders

Uncovering the lesser-known side of Formula 1's glorious history, 'Motosport' brings us records that drivers, despite their undeniable skill, would rather leave intact

by Sededin Dedovic
Beyond the Podium: F1's Unwanted Records and Their Holders
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In the world of Formula 1, where every race weekend is a battle against everyone, records are not always achievements to be celebrated. While Max Verstappen soared to new heights in 2023, setting the records for most wins, most points and the biggest title margin, there are other F1 records that drivers would rather avoid.

As the 2024 season looms large, several unwanted records could potentially be broken or extended. Let's delve into 10 of these records and the drivers who could be uncomfortably close to them, and this analysis is brought to us by the respectable Motosport.

1. Most Grand Prix starts without a win:
The current holder of this infamous record is Andrea de Cesaris (208), but Nico Hulkenberg (203) is very close and could take over this record.
Nico Hulkenberg, an experienced fighter, is on the threshold of a dubious honor.

With 203 Grand Prix starts under his belt, he is dangerously close to equaling De Cesaris' record. Despite moments of brilliance, including pole position at the 2010 Brazilian Grand Prix, victory has remained elusive for Hulkenberg.

This solid driver surprisingly never managed to win in F1. 2. Most podiums without a win in F1
This record is held by two drivers Nick Heidfeld and Lando Norris (13), records for second and third places. Lando Norris, a young talent with huge potential, is facing the weight of expectation as he shares the record for most podiums without a win with Nick Heidfeld.

Despite consistently delivering podium-worthy performances, a win has so far eluded him, leaving a glaring gap in his otherwise impressive resume. 3. Most laps lead without a win in F1
Chris Amon (183) is the man who holds this infamous record and Lando Norris (61) could also reach this record.

Another record within Lando Norris' reach is the most laps led without attempting a win. Chris Amon led 183 laps without making it to the top. Norris, with 61 laps led, is getting closer to this record, hoping to rewrite history in his favor.

4. Most career points without a win in F1
Again Lando Norris (633) who dominates this list, even though he is one of the best drivers. Norris' consistency has seen him accumulate a significant number of career points without winning a race.

While his talent is undeniable, the absence of a win leaves a significant void in his career accomplishments. A big win would not only propel him to the top of the podium, but also erase this unwanted record.

Daniel Ricciardo of Australia and McLaren and Lando Norris of McLaren© Peter Fox / Getty Images


Most races started without leading a lap in F1: Kevin Magnussen (163) Kevin Magnussen's journey in Formula 1 has been marked by resilience despite the lack of opportunities to lead races. Despite a promising start with a podium finish on his debut, Magnussen's subsequent seasons have been devoid of pack-leading moments.

His pole position at the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix is a bittersweet reminder of what could have been. 6. Most races start without a podium in F1: Nico Hulkenberg (203) Nico Hulkenberg's consistency is commendable, but the ultimate prize has remained elusive.

With three fourth-place finishes as his best results in 203 race starts, Hulkenberg sits atop this unsolicited leaderboard. Despite flashes of brilliance, podium glory remained elusive for the German driver. 7. Most career points without an F1 World Championship: Valtteri Bottas (1,797) Valtteri Bottas, despite accumulating a significant number of points in his career, is on the wrong side of history as the holder of this record.

Despite his tenure at Mercedes, podiums have been more common than championship celebrations for the Finnish driver. A change in fortunes could see him lose this unwanted title and stake his claim to the ultimate prize in F1.

8. Most podium finishes without an F1 World Championship: Rubens Barrichello (68)
This record could soon reach Valtteri Bottas (67), often the bridesmaid but rarely the bride, is on the verge of surpassing Rubens Barrichello's record for most podium finishes without a world championship.

Despite consistent performances throughout his career, the elusive title has remained tantalizingly out of reach. A revival of form could see Bottas rewrite this chapter of F1 history. 9. Most seasons between consecutive F1 World Championship wins: Niki Lauda (6 seasons)
A potential new holder of this record could be Fernando Alonso, the two-time world champion faces the prospect of writing his name into the annals of F1 history for the wrong reasons.

With 17 seasons separating his last championship triumph in 2006 and today, Alonso finds himself in pursuit of the title that has eluded him for more than a decade. Despite his enduring talent, the ever-evolving challenges of the sport kept championship glory on the sidelines.

An interesting analysis of Motosport brought us data that most people did not know, and surprisingly, some of the best drivers hold these infamous records.