Sebastian Vettel's Racing Return? Schumacher Highlights Possibilities with Mercedes

"I’ve heard that Sebastian Vettel wants to drive again. Of course, you have to close a gap now."- he said

by Sead Dedovic
Sebastian Vettel's Racing Return? Schumacher Highlights Possibilities with Mercedes
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For a long time, there have been talks about the potential return of Sebastian Vettel to the F1 world. Although this former F1 driver has often emphasized that he has no intention of returning to F1 tracks, the fact that Lewis Hamilton is leaving Mercedes could change his decision. 

The 36-year-old German is a man with immense experience and success in F1. It has been two years since Vettel decided to bid farewell! Ralf Schumacher believes that there are still chances for Vettel to return if Mercedes shows interest in him. In a conversation with Sky Germany, Ralf emphasized that Sebastian intends to make a comeback.

Schumacher also talked about George Russell, and he's not yet sure if Russell can bring significant success to Mercedes in terms of marketing.

"I’ve heard that Sebastian Vettel wants to drive again. Of course, you have to close a gap now. You saw what happened on the stock market after Lewis Hamilton’s switch to Ferrari, that triggered something.

Whether George Russell has the charisma to replace Lewis Hamilton worldwide in terms of marketing or a Sebastian Vettel as a German driver at Mercedes, is probably a bit too big for him."- he said, as quoted by express

As early as October of last year, Vettel talked about his potential comeback. Despite making a firm decision to end his career, Sebastian does not deny that he sometimes thinks about returning. When he made that decision in 2022, Vettel wanted to prioritize his family and intended to spend more time with them. However, there is increasing talk about Vettel possibly making a return to the F1 tracks.

“You can never rule out such a thing [returning to F1], but at some point, time will be up. My age was not an issue, and the decision to stop was mine, and I didn’t make it just to change my mind a year later. I have the privilege of spending more time with my family and my children, and that’s a priority. I’ve rediscovered the world in recent years, while Formula 1, no matter how big it may be, has become smaller and smaller."- Sebastian Vettel said in October last year.

After Hamilton's decision to join Ferrari was confirmed, Wolff mentioned that Vettel decided not to race anymore. Wolff and Vettel talk regularly, but their recent conversation, including the one on the announcement day, didn't include discussions about Vettel driving for Mercedes in the future.

Wolff and Vettel have a good relationship in the sport, having been around for a long time. But, it's surprising to hear talks about Vettel possibly returning, especially to Mercedes. Sebastian used to be part of Red Bull, which is currently Mercedes' biggest rival. 

It would be interesting to see how Red Bull fans react to the idea of Vettel joining Mercedes. Time will show if these rumors are true or if Vettel doesn't plan to come back to the sport he loves. 

The fact that Mercedes is losing an experienced driver suggests they might be looking for an experienced replacement to help them achieve big things again. Sebastian Vettel, with four World Drivers' Championship titles, could be a great help.

Eddie Jordan reacts to rumors about Sebastian Vettel

Several important figures in the racing world have commented on these rumors. One of them is Eddie Jordan, who is well acquainted with Formula 1.

Eddie Jordan
Eddie Jordan© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Eddie Jordan suggests that Vettel could be the best short-term solution for Mercedes. He points out that modern F1 cars are not as physically demanding as they used to be, making it easier for older drivers to compete. This would be a great challenge for Vettel and an opportunity for him to once again show what a quality driver he is. Mercedes is aiming to make progress this season after disappointing performances in the past few seasons.

Jordan highlights that in the past, driving required physical strength, contrasting it with the present, where the less demanding nature of the cars allows for the longevity of drivers' careers, citing examples like Fernando Alonso and other older drivers.

Jordan thinks that Vettel's German nationality might be important for Mercedes in choosing Hamilton's replacement. He mentions the case of Michael Schumacher, who was also German and moved to Mercedes after leaving Ferrari. 

Jordan believes that having a German driver like Vettel would make sense for Mercedes. He also discusses other options like Ocon and Albon, suggesting that Albon might replace Perez in the future.

Let's return to what Schumacher was saying; Vettel's arrival could be a fantastic thing for Mercedes in terms of marketing. Considering how important that is in today's sport, the leaders at Mercedes should seriously consider such an option.

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