Martin Brundle: Lewis Hamilton will not be invited to many Mercedes meetings

“You’ve got this transition point where Lewis will stop being invited to meetings."

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Brundle: Lewis Hamilton will not be invited to many Mercedes meetings
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The departure of Lewis Hamilton is currently a hot topic in the F1 scene. This great F1 driver will be competing for Ferrari from the next season onwards. 

This also means that Hamilton will not have access to information regarding the development of the car in the coming years. The Briton will not be present at some meetings because he will be with the Ferrari team from the next season. 

Some believe that Russell will now have an advantage over Hamilton. However, the Briton is aware of the reasons why Mercedes leaders have to make such moves, and, certainly, he will not hold it against them. 

In a media conversation, Martin Brundle emphasized that Mercedes will likely favor George Russell.

“You’ve got this transition point where Lewis will stop being invited to meetings.

He won’t understand what’s going on with development of the car and in the simulator.

The team consciously, subconsciously, will favour George.

They have got to.”- he said, as quoted by

The boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, is worried that when Lewis Hamilton joins Ferrari next year, he might share secret information about how Mercedes works and how Hamilton likes things. It's like sharing the special ways they do things. Martin Brundle, explains that when you join a new group, it's hard because you might not know how everything works or speak the same language, unlike someone like Charles Leclerc, who is already part of Ferrari.  

Given Hamilton's experience, no one doubts that he will be a fantastic addition to Ferrari and will help the team progress in the right way. Despite everything, Lewis is a man with immense experience. 

The fact that he has won 7 championships speaks volumes about his qualities. Ferrari has needed such an experienced driver like Hamilton for many years. The imperative for Ferrari is to try to win the championship, but many are not optimistic that this team has the quality for it, at least judging by the seasons that have passed.

Martin Brundle expects that Hamilton will bring along some of his team members

Brundle also says that Hamilton might want to bring some of his team members, but some rules might stop him. The idea is to make it easier for Hamilton to start working with Ferrari. 

Martin Brundle
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Brundle is saying that he's confident Hamilton will give his best until the end of his time at Mercedes. He sees this upcoming year as a farewell tour for Hamilton, where Mercedes should understand it's his goodbye and secretly hope he doesn't do too well once he joins Ferrari. 

For many, it's unimaginable that after 11 years, the Briton will leave the team where he achieved the greatest successes in his career. Every story must have an end, and so does this one. The last three seasons were not what Hamilton expected, especially the latest one. Whether it was the reason he decided to make changes in his career, we still don't know. Hamilton is ready for a new challenge, regardless of his age.

Simon Lazenby on Lewis Hamilton: He deserves a lot from Mercedes

Simon Lazenby, a well-known TV presenter, responded to the question about whether this will be a strange season for Hamilton, considering that he will be competing for Mercedes while his future team will be racing against him.

Lazenby thinks Hamilton deserves a lot from Mercedes because he brought them success. He believes Mercedes owes Hamilton respect and should treat him like the great champion he is for the time he's still with the team. Mercedes leaders should not forget what the Briton has done for them over the years. Hamilton has been a driving force for this team and never considered giving up. However, even his era had to come to an end. Max Verstappen has proven to be a brilliant driver who managed to disrupt the plans of the outstanding Briton. The fact that he has won the championship for three consecutive years speaks volumes about his qualities. Many expect the Dutchman to continue winning championships in the future. Lewis Hamilton is undoubtedly motivated to stop Verstappen, but it will be a hard task.

Lazenby doesn't expect it to be too emotional, and he thinks Hamilton will get through the season. If Hamilton has a chance to win the championship, Lazenby expects Mercedes to support whoever proves to be the best driver.

The fact is that it will be a bit strange to see Hamilton in another team. It will be particularly interesting to follow the races this season, especially if the main players are Ferrari and Mercedes. Season 2024, according to many, will be one that we will remember.

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