Sainz Sr. and Helmut Marko Conversation Sparks Debates on Carlos Sainz Jr.'s Future

“If you saw my dad went to say hello to Helmut Marko, you need to remember he has a great relationship with him."- Sainz Jr. said

by Sead Dedovic
Sainz Sr. and Helmut Marko Conversation Sparks Debates on Carlos Sainz Jr.'s Future
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Carlos Sainz's future is always an interesting topic, considering that from next year, the 29-year-old Spaniard will leave Ferrari and seek another team. 

Several teams are the main candidates to engage this brilliant driver, but only one will succeed. Red Bull and Mercedes are mentioned as potential teams for the future. 

These are two teams we have been accustomed to seeing dominate in the last 10 years. Red Bull is the team that has won the championship in the last three seasons, and the way they won last year's title is particularly impressive. 

Sainz would have to think carefully about his future and see which team can provide him with everything he needs for progress. What has sparked additional speculation that the Spaniard could continue his career at Red Bull is the fact that his father, Carlos Sainz Sr., has talked to Helmut Marko

Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen
Helmut Marko and Max Verstappen© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

However, the Spaniard dismissed it with a laugh, emphasizing that his father has great relationships with all team leaders. Furthermore, the considerable amount of time that has passed since the last meeting between his father and other team members is the reason why Sainz Sr. spoke to many people on that day.

Sainz Sr., as an individual who has also been involved in this sport, is someone known for maintaining good relationships with everyone.

“If you saw my dad went to say hello to Helmut Marko, you need to remember he has a great relationship with him,” Sainz said, as quoted by

“In the same way we have a good relationship with Toto Wolff.

With everyone in the grid, it is normal at this stage of the year.

We haven’t seen each other for three or four months, you are going to say hello to each other.”

Ferrari's Sainz explained that he is looking for a project for the next season that prioritizes winning and achieving high performance quickly.  Given that Sainz is 29 years old, he is not a driver who can afford to wait for a team to improve and achieve great results. His goal is to find a team that can ensure excellent results for him in a short time. Opinions on this matter differ. Some believe that Red Bull could be a great place for him to achieve his goals, while others think that as long as Max Verstappen is a part of that team, Sainz may face challenges in achieving his intentions.

He emphasized the importance of stability in a project for the medium to long term, highlighting the need for a strong team with mutual understanding between the driver and the team. Sainz mentioned that considering these factors, he will take his time in making a decision.

Carlos Sainz and his future

Sainz stated that he plans to have conversations with different teams to understand their offers and plans. He aims to choose the option that best aligns with his career goals and personal aspirations as both an individual and a driver. One positive aspect for him is having enough time to make this important decision.

This season is a great opportunity for Sainz to showcase his qualities and generate additional interest in himself. Ferrari has worked hard on its car to provide everything necessary for its drivers (Leclerc and Sainz). Fans of this team are tired of the same things season after season and hope that Ferrari could once again become a team competing for championship titles. This decision won't only be up to Leclerc and Sainz but also everyone else.

Carlos Sainz has seemingly lost the trust of Ferrari's leadership, at least concerning the upcoming season, as Lewis Hamilton is set to join this Italian team from 2025. It will be interesting to see how the Briton adapts to his new role. Tired after the last three seasons where Mercedes did not provide him with the car needed for such a driver, Lewis has decided to change his future.

Sainz expressed surprise even at the moment when it was confirmed that Hamilton would succeed him in this team. The Spaniard believes that starting the season will not be the same as before, but he is still motivated to give his best and likely deep down, to show Ferrari's leadership that he deserves another chance. At this moment, Carlos Sainz doesn't need a better motivation than proving to his team that they made a mistake.

"It's certainly not the most normal feeling to start the season," Sainz said.

"But the moment I put on the helmet in Bahrain and take to the track, the only sensation I'll feel will be the desire to go faster and faster - and also aiming for victory in the world championship."

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