Carlos Sainz: Funnily enough, my future was decided before the first race

Carlos Sainz has dilemmas regarding his future and wants to carefully consider his decision

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz: Funnily enough, my future was decided before the first race
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Carlos Sainz will leave Ferrari after this season and explore new opportunities. After four great years with the team, Carlos is ready for a new challenge. At the moment, he is unsure about which team will be his next adventure, but he is hopeful about making a good decision. 

Making such a choice won't be easy, as it determines your future. The 29-year-old Spaniard highlighted that he will need some time to figure out which team offers the best conditions and the best chance for progress.

After analyzing his options, Sainz will make the final decision. He is a driver who always gives his best, wherever he competes. Given his career successes and qualities, there's no doubt that Sainz will receive many offers. However, only one will be the right one!

“I feel prepared and ready to take my fourth year as a good challenge here in Ferrari. Obviously next year the team will be different and I will be moving somewhere else, but I still have no idea where.

I’m going to take my time to take the decision. The right decision for me, for my career, for the next three or four years that I might be in the next place that I go to. In order for that I need time to see the whole situation of all the teams and see who is offering the best chance for me to be world champion in the future.”- Sainz told the official F1 channel, as reported by

During the preseason testing press conference, Sainz mentioned that he had plans to extend his contract with Ferrari. However, the team's leaders had different ideas. They did not plan to renew the contract with Sainz and were looking at other options. Some believe that Ferrari's executives were already considering Lewis Hamilton at that time, and he would join Ferrari in the 2025 season.

“Funnily enough, my future was decided before the first race. I was going to continue with Ferrari, obviously, they said no, unexpectedly, I was looking forward to signing a new contract with them and everything looked to be in the right path to go that way.

But obviously the situation has changed completely to where I thought we were in October, November last year, I am basically a free agent for 2025 and I have no idea yet who I’m going to be racing with, so I need to take my time to decide.”

Sainz expressed confidence in the support he'll receive from the team, indicating that they are committed to pushing for a championship together if the opportunity arises this year. Ferrari has consistently aimed high as a team, aspiring to be among the best. While their plans don't always go exactly as planned, the team leaders are determined to compete for championships in the current season and the ones to come. It's important to recognize that in recent years, several teams have shown improvement. This season, there is an expectation of strong competition ahead.

Carlos Sainz and his emotions

Regarding his emotions about leaving Ferrari, Sainz admitted that he hasn't felt much yet, as there are still 24 races ahead. However, he anticipates that the final races or weeks of the season will be emotional, especially since he'll be parting ways with a great group of colleagues. Being part of a team that many aspire to join for the past four years makes saying goodbye challenging. Sainz cherishes numerous positive memories from this period. In a driver's career, there are moments when farewells are necessary to seek new opportunities. The Spaniard will need to adjust to a new team, make new memories, and strive for potential performance improvements.

Race winner Charles Leclerc of Monaco and Ferrari, Second placed Carlos Sainz of Spain and Ferrari Third placed Lewis Hamilton o
Race winner Charles Leclerc of Monaco and Ferrari, Second placed Carlos Sainz of Spain and Ferrari Third placed Lewis Hamilton o© Lars Baron / Getty Images

He talked about the positive relationships he's formed at Ferrari, emphasizing the welcoming atmosphere from the start. Sainz indicated that while the emotional aspect of leaving will be addressed later in the year, for now, his focus remains on performing his best for the team in his final season. 

The upcoming 2024 season presents a great chance for him to contribute to Ferrari's success. Moreover, if he performs well in his final season, it could make the team leaders reconsider their decisions. It's an opportunity for them to evaluate whether they made the right choices. Nevertheless, it appears that the Spaniard's main focus is to support the team while also aiming for personal success.

It will be interesting to follow Ferrari's performances this season and see if this team truly has the potential to be at the top. Several other teams will also compete for the leading positions, but only one will achieve the final victory!

Carlos Sainz