Christian Horner Defends Red Bull Amid Accusations By Brown: No Unfair Advantage

“Red Bull remained resolute, and they continued to support both teams through that difficult period."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner Defends Red Bull Amid Accusations By Brown: No Unfair Advantage
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Red Bull is often criticized for owning two F1 teams. There have been rumors circulating that Zak Brown, the boss of McLaren, has asked the FIA and F1 not to allow any unfair advantages to Red Bull and their sister team, RB Squad. The team, previously named Scuderia AlphaTauri from 2020 to 2023, has changed its name, and their drivers for this season will be Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda

Christian Horner, the team principal of Red Bull, doesn't understand why there are such reactions when Red Bull intends to develop the sport and give a chance to those who may not be doing their best. Horner doesn't believe they have any advantage at the moment, and the noise that has arisen, according to him, has no found.

"I think Red Bull should actually be applauded for the support and the commitment and the jobs that they've provided through the good times, and particularly the bad times. So for me, it really is a non-issue.” Horner said during the F1 pre-season testing in Bahrain, as quoted by

In his further statement, Horner explained Red Bull's plans for both teams. While some believe that Red Bull is trying to gain an advantage and manipulate the system with such moves, Horner emphasized that their intentions are not like that at all. It appears that after the previous three seasons, especially the recent one, other F1 teams have a certain level of concern about a team like Red Bull.

“Red Bull remained resolute, and they continued to support both teams through that difficult period,” he continued.

“The regulations then evolved, obviously, and the Faenza-based team had to become their own manufacturer. And so further investment was made in the infrastructure in Faenza."

In explaining Red Bull's role, Horner pointed out their commitment during tough times like the COVID pandemic. He mentioned that Red Bull played a crucial part in restarting F1 by organizing two races in Austria. Horner expressed that Red Bull's dedication to F1 and both teams should be appreciated and not criticized. 

It must be acknowledged that Red Bull has achieved great things since entering the big stage in 2005. The leaders of this team had the intention of creating a team that would compete with the biggest teams in the F1 scene. After years of effort, it must be admitted that Red Bull has achieved its goal. Now they are a respectable team, feared by all. They have fantastic individuals within the team who, with patience, skills, and dedication, have successfully helped Red Bull reach the pinnacle.

Horner clarified that even though both teams have the same owner, they operate independently. One is based in Italy, and the other is in the UK, each with its own staff and characteristics. 

Horner stressed their adherence to regulations and highlighted that their relationship is less close compared to some teams with strong ties to their engine manufacturers. Overall, Horner aimed to show that Red Bull's involvement in F1 has been positive and supportive.

Both teams enter the new season with great ambitions, especially Red Bull. Horner believes that these two teams are separate entities. Christian once again emphasized the importance of Red Bull and how their presence is crucial for the F1 scene.

Zak Brown reacts to Christian Horner becoming the subject of an investigation

Christian Horner is in a somewhat challenging situation after becoming the subject of an investigation. In February, Red Bull started an independent investigation in response to accusations of inappropriate behavior by Christian Horner towards a member of the racing team.

Horner doesn't want to say much about it, considering his focus is on Red Bull's progress in the 2024 season. However, his colleagues seize every opportunity to react. One of them is McLaren CEO Zak Brown, who often criticizes Red Bull, and has given his comment on the entire situation.

Zak Brown Says He Sensed Positivity Before McLarens Success Emerged
Zak Brown Says He Sensed Positivity Before McLarens Success Emerged© Getty Images Sport/Francois Nel

Brown pointed out the seriousness of the allegations, saying, "the allegations are extremely serious." He stressed that McLaren has high standards and values diversity, equality, and inclusion in the team and Formula One.

Noting Red Bull Corporation's initiation of an investigation, Brown expressed hope and expectation that it would be conducted transparently. He highlighted the need for a quick resolution, aligning with the stance of the FIA and Formula One. Brown emphasized that such headlines are not what Formula One wants or needs at this time. 

He concluded by underlining the importance of a transparent process, leaving no doubt about appropriate handling, and ensuring that whatever the conclusion, it is managed appropriately and transparently. Brown is a person who wants things to be fair, without any malpractices.

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