Sainz: Formula 1 from 2022 should be more dependent on the human factor

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Sainz: Formula 1 from 2022 should be more dependent on the human factor

Although the whole season of the Formula 1 World Championship in 2021 is ahead of us, a large part of the grid has already been turned in 2022. Then the new technical rules come into force, so among all teams, probably with the exception of Mercedes, there is hope that racing will be more even, more interesting and offer more drivers and teams a chance to win or podium.

Due to the new technical rules, cars that should make it easier to follow the car in front of you and easier to fight on the track, but also financial rules that include limiting the team's budget, there is hope that Formula 1 from 2022 should be more equal competition.

New Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz Jr. spoke about the current shortcomings of Formula 1 and his expectations from 2022. “What I want is for Formula 1 to have a more even grid in the future, to allow the driver to make a bigger difference,” the Spaniard pointed out.

“When you get to F1, you realize very quickly that it’s very hard to beat any guy whose car is three tenths faster than yours, while you’re fighting within two tenths with your teammate. I had such a case with all my colleagues, either you are two tenths faster or two tenths slower.

Sainz on cars

“When someone gets you in the qualifiers for a second and a half, then you know you can’t compete with them. I would like to reduce those differences within the group. I think FOM, Liberty, and the FIA ​​are doing a good job with the rules for 2022 and giving a chance for that to happen.

” “I hope it will happen and that the sport will become somewhat more dependent on the human factor in terms of driving, and less dependent on machinery. I think sports can be a lot more even and a lot more fun.

It will also create a wider audience, so I think it would be better for everyone. ” What is the biggest problem with current cars is tracking the car in front? In "dirty air", performance is significantly lost and on some overtaking tracks, it becomes practically impossible.

A good example of this was the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a rather monotonous race at the end of the season. “I really hope and pray that the cars for 2022 will be better at tracking because it feels like these races are boring to watch.

As soon as you get to the driver in front within three seconds, you start slipping and you’re constantly in turbulence. I hope what Ross Brawn suggested will really make a difference. Then we only need good tires, ”said Sainz.