Sergio Perez disagrees with Fernando Alonso's comments regarding pre-testing

Sergio Perez is not satisfied with the F1 changes in 2024

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez disagrees with Fernando Alonso's comments regarding pre-testing
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Fernando Alonso, and judging by media headlines, the majority of his colleagues, are not happy with the current pre-season testing format. Pre-season testing will begin on Wednesday, while the season will start on March 2. Starting this season, drivers will have around a day and a half to prepare for the new season. Fernando Alonso expressed frustration with this system in a media interview. During his break, the Spanish driver frequently thought about how a day and a half is not enough time for anything. Considering the investments in the F1 world and its popularity, Alonso does not understand why F1 leaders are making such unpopular decisions.

“We have a very limited testing in Bahrain. I've been thinking all winter about this, how unfair it is that we only have one day and a half to prepare [for] a World Championship.

There is no other sport in the world, with all the money involved and with all the marketing and the good things that we say about Formula 1 and being closer and closer to the fans. I cannot understand why we then go to Bahrain for four days, which could be two and two for the drivers. "- Alonso said, as quoted by

There are still a few things unclear to Alonso, and he calls for such things to change in the future. Considering how ambitiously he wants to enter the new season, such matters can certainly impact his performances. The Spaniard had a fantastic season, but he wants to enter this one even more superior. However, a short preparation period could have consequences for him and other drivers. Regardless of the experience he possesses, Alonso wants to feel the new car and understand its strengths and weaknesses.

“If you go to three, which is not even, which is an odd number, you cannot divide between the drivers. And I don't know why we don't go with two cars. Because we are already in Bahrain and we race the following week."- Alonso continued.

Sergio Perez is sharing his opinion on pre-testing: There’s no time. We have 24 races

However, there are also his colleagues who disagree with him. One of them is Sergio Perez. Considering the intensity of the calendar, Perez believes that F1 officials had no other options. No one wants to waste time. F1 drivers will face important challenges in the current season due to the number of races. Being a part of so many races will be challenging, but if you want to be the best, it is necessary to adapt to any change.

Fernando Alonso and Sergio Perez
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“There’s no time. We have 24 races. The calendar is already brutal, so there’s no time for more testing. It’s too many. We know that it’s too many races. It’s going to be a brutal calendar for all of us involved in the sport."- Sergio Perez said.

However, there are also things that Perez is not satisfied with, but he is aware that as an individual, he cannot change much. The Mexican intends to improve things this season. The last season was not ideal for him, and there were expectations that Perez might not be part of Red Bull this season. He used the winter break to analyze where he went wrong, worked on his mental approach, and progressed. Although Perez, like every driver, would prefer fewer races on the calendar, they have no other option but to accept the situation.

Sergio has one option at this moment: to prove himself this season, work on himself, and meet the team's expectations. If he fails to do so, this will undoubtedly be his last season with Red Bull. In media interviews, he has emphasized many times that he wants to enter the season without pressure. He does not want to think too much about potential outcomes, mistakes, and everything else. Perez has a clear goal and focus.

“That’s why it’s important that we are able to manage our energy levels as best as possible. I think 20 races would be great, keeping up the quality instead of the quantity. But that’s not for me to decide.”- Perez concluded.

Red Bull is the team that undoubtedly has the highest expectations for this season. Max Verstappen is currently the main weapon of this Austrian team. The Dutchman aims to build on the success of the previous season. F1 fans believe that Verstappen has the best chances to once again win the championship and chase the records of Schumacher and Hamilton. The first race, just a few weeks away, will be a good indication of each team's potential.

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