Martin Brundle doubts Lewis Hamilton's sincerity about leaving Mercedes

“I don’t buy all of this ‘it’s going to be emotional’, leaving Mercedes."

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Brundle doubts Lewis Hamilton's sincerity about leaving Mercedes
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After a brilliant 11 years with Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton has realized that it's time for a new challenge. The motivation behind his departure is still unknown, but judging by the results of the past few seasons, the Briton could not be satisfied. F1 fans believe that Mercedes could not offer Hamilton what he needed to compete for the championship. It could be felt how frustrated Hamilton was with his results, especially last season.

From the 2025 season onwards, we will have the opportunity to see this outstanding driver in Ferrari. The news of his departure shocked everyone. However, Ferrari is a team with a long-standing tradition, and many drivers dream of becoming a part of this team one day. 

Lewis Hamilton has emphasized that parting ways with Mercedes will not be easy, and he believes his departure from Mercedes will be emotional. Nevertheless, some are not so convinced of the sincerity of his statements. Martin Brundle explained during the Sky Sports F1 podcast how he perceives Hamilton's statement. Brundle believes that for Hamilton, enormous money and championship victories are crucial.

Martin Brundle
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“I don’t buy all of this ‘it’s going to be emotional’, leaving [Mercedes]. Lewis is a winning machine and that is what he wants to do.

It is a good contract and he'll be paid a lot of money and get a lot of money, a lot of love. It will be one of the biggest global sports stories in 2025, so I just see positives all round.”- Brundle said, as quoted by

Finding a suitable replacement for such a driver will not be easy. However, most believe that Mercedes needs fresh blood, motivated by victories and success. Several names are being considered, but only one will ultimately have the honor of being part of this team. Mercedes officials have emphasized that they do not intend to rush at this moment. Such a decision requires deep analysis. The opinions of all Mercedes executives will be taken into account to determine the best option. 

What are the options for Mercedes in the future?

For several weeks now, young Kimi Antonelli has been mentioned as an option, although some are skeptical that he will actually become a part of this team, especially after Toto Wolff's statements. In addition to him, Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz are among the options. Experienced Fernando Alonso is considered by many as the best option, but it's challenging to base a long-term project on him, considering that the Spaniard is 42 years old.

BBC journalist Andrew Benson has suggested that two-time world champion Fernando Alonso is being considered as a potential candidate to join Mercedes. Benson shared this information during the BBC's Chequered Flag podcast, stating, "I know that [Fernando] Alonso’s on the list. I do, I know that for a fact."

Brundle believes that Russell will play a leading role in the future, there is no doubt about it. Russell has shown progress from season to season, and he will have the opportunity to finally make a breakthrough and show the world how talented he is. Many think that Russell has been in Hamilton's shadow. This will be an ideal chance for him to prove that he deserves to be the leader of this team.

"Everybody has got an opportunity here. George Russell has got this shiny confidence, the talent, the speed and the experience to pick up the mantle and be the number one driver at Mercedes-Benz - I have no doubt about that at all.

It will energise Mercedes, losing Lewis and it is an opportunity for them. Act in haste, repent at leisure, they can wait and see how Kimi Antonelli goes, they got Esteban Ocon I suspect, they've got access to Carlos Sainz and maybe Fernando Alonso."

Martin Brundle believes that Mick Schumacher is also one of the options. However, Mercedes executives intend to follow this season and determine who could genuinely be the best option. Charles Leclerc is the latest name mentioned in connection with Mercedes. All of the mentioned drivers possess top qualities. Nevertheless, Mercedes has a specific philosophy, and it is necessary to determine who could truly be the best option for them. It will be interesting to follow Mercedes' results this season, as well as the results of other drivers, to see whom Mercedes will engage.

Hamilton wants to make the most of his last season and potentially win the championship. That would indeed be a great story! Max Verstappen and Red Bull are currently unstoppable, and it is difficult to imagine anyone stopping them in the 2025 season. However, we still don't have a complete picture of what awaits us this season. Anything is possible!

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