Lando Norris Focuses on Mental and Performance Improvements for 2024

"Sometimes it's hard to improve various things until you're actually in the car"

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris Focuses on Mental and Performance Improvements for 2024
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Lando Norris is motivated to enter this season with the goal of achieving much greater success than in previous seasons. This talented young driver has always been an example of someone striving to take a step further. This is one of the reasons why many speak of him in superlatives. Additionally, it's why many teams want to have him on board. 

During the winter, Norris analyzed his performances from the 2023 season, aiming to understand where he made the most mistakes. After a thorough analysis, Lando decided to address his shortcomings. This is one of the reasons why he enters the 2024 season more ambitious than ever. Although aware that he can't fully understand the situation until he's in the car, Norris strives to remain optimistic. Being under pressure and racing on F1 tracks is something entirely different from being in a simulator.

"There have been various things already, both in terms of how I drive, how I work in extracting the performance, understanding these traits, and then putting them already to the test on the simulator, and trying to improve them.

Sometimes it's hard to improve various things until you're actually in the car, but to the extent of what I can, even if it's mental things and trying to work on any area that I can to improve it, I would say I've done.

It's always a different experience until you get back in the car and you're in that moment again under pressure."- Lando Norris said, as quoted by

Norris mentions that it's challenging to predict how well the changes made will work until the first qualifying session of the season. He also notes that as the season progresses and regulations become tighter, the competition becomes more intense. Even though one team may dominate, the races remain closely contested, with minimal time differences between the top and bottom positions on the grid. This emphasizes the competitive nature of Formula 1. 

Lando Norris on the future of F1 and teams competing for the championship

The fact is that there are many high-quality F1 teams at the moment ready to achieve significant success in the season. Considering Red Bull's dominance, other teams have put in maximum effort to find solutions for their weaknesses and start the season in an excellent way. However, only one team will ultimately win the championship! Who that will be remains to be seen. Norris is a driver with great potential, but many do not see him as a contender for the championship.

It seems that Norris expects that in the next few F1 seasons, the competition will become more intense, with more teams aiming for the title. This is something that F1 fans are missing. The previous season didn't bring much excitement when it comes to the championship race. From the beginning, it could be anticipated that Max Verstappen would again win the championship. By mid-season, the Dutchman was far ahead of the others. Norris wants such situations to change, which is also the desire of many others.

"I'm sure we're in for a couple of years which will be some very tight racing.

When you don't have a perfect lap or you don't get something exactly right, at times in the past you could get away with it, whereas I think you're going to be able to get away with this less and less.

And that requires fewer mistakes, more hard work and learning and perfection in order to achieve consistent results."

McLaren boss Zak Brown is optimistic about McLaren's future

McLaren boss Zak Brown is aware that his team has the potential for great achievements, as demonstrated in previous seasons. This year, the goal is to make an even bigger leap. Additionally, when you have such talents in the team as Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri, then you can certainly be optimistic about your future, not just the present. Zak Brown is a man with clear visions and plans for the future of this team.

Brown, speaking to Sky Sports after unveiling the car, expressed confidence in McLaren's winter preparations, stating that they are content with the development progress. He believes they have continued the positive momentum from the second half of the previous season, anticipating a strong start to the new season if the data proves accurate. While emphasizing uncertainty about competitors, Brown is optimistic that McLaren has made important progress.

Early to make any predictions, but McLaren could be an absolute hit this season. After a brilliant 2023 season where they excelled in the second part, many expect McLaren to compete for the championship. Red Bull is considered by many as the favorite, given their unstoppable performance in the last season.

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