Sergio Perez surprised that Red Bull looked to Mercedes for inspiration

"You know, we had such a dominant car last year that you wouldn't imagine us changing the concept."- Perez said.

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez surprised that Red Bull looked to Mercedes for inspiration
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Red Bull is the latest team to unveil its car, and it comes with high expectations for the 2024 season. With significant changes within the Red Bull team, there is apprehension among other teams about their potential dominance this year. Max Verstappen's previous dominance instills fear in rival teams, raising concerns about his continued success this season. On the other hand, Sergio Perez is determined to achieve more in the upcoming season, unsatisfied with his performance in the previous year. To secure his place in the team, Perez must prioritize victories and progress. Earlier warnings from Red Bull leaders, including Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, emphasize the need for a much-improved performance from Perez this season.

The Mexican is happy that his team has put in tremendous effort to provide him with a car in 2024 that can deliver significant results. They have made several changes, taking inspiration from Mercedes, which surprised some. Perez confirmed his surprise at these changes. However, the Mexican emphasizes that Red Bull has demonstrated their readiness to take a step forward for dominance and achieve great things.

"Ah, yes. A bit. But at the same time, it just shows how much this team is looking to move forward and pushing all the boundaries. It's really great to see.

It just shows the hunger that there is in this team. You know, we had such a dominant car last year that you wouldn't imagine us changing the concept as much, and I think it's really brave from Red Bull to do that."- Sergio Perez said, as quoted by

Although some think that Red Bull had no issues last season, they are wrong. There were several things they wanted to work on. The Mexican driver revealed which aspect they focused on the most.

"Essentially our low-speed seems to be looking in a better window, but obviously until we hit the track we will not know."

Perez looked back on the previous season and the difficulties he encountered. He faced challenges in maintaining consistent performance, and there were concerns about him retaining his position for the next season. Recognizing his past achievements and potential, the Red Bull leadership granted him the opportunity he wanted. Perez is optimistic that he will show significant improvement in the upcoming 2024 season. Despite a promising start last season, Perez encountered difficulties establishing his pace in each race. His determined mindset ensures that even when faced with challenges, he remains committed and refuses to give up.

Sergio Perez
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Perez pointed out that there were challenges in improving the car's performance during development. Unfortunately, their attempts to address these challenges resulted in a decrease in overall performance rather than making the car faster. He explained that their focus on improving comfort didn't necessarily lead to increased speed on the track.

Sergio Perez on the last season issues: Issues from last season have been understood

Perez mentioned that the issues from last season have been understood, and he is hopeful about performing well in his 14th year in Formula 1, saying, "I do expect to be at my best for this year."

When asked if he believes he can contend for the championship or if Verstappen is far ahead, Perez was careful in his response. He pointed out that the season hasn't started, and all drivers have the same chances. Winning the championship is the main goal for everyone.

Of course, Red Bull leaders have the highest expectations for Max Verstappen, considering his previous successes and dominance. This will be a motivation for the Dutchman to enter this season even better, although, looking at his performance from the previous season, it's hard to imagine doing better.

Sergio Perez worked hard on the simulator before the United States Grand Prix, and this effort helped him discover a better strategy. He believes that the lessons learned from last year's challenges will guide him in preparing for Red Bull's 2024 car.

Sergio Perez does not want to repeat the mistakes of last season

Perez stressed the importance of understanding what went wrong in the previous season, admitting mistakes, and gaining insights from those experiences. In his fourth year with Red Bull, he is optimistic about delivering his best performance in the upcoming season. Aware that this might be his last chance with Red Bull, Perez must take the team leaders' warnings seriously and prepare for new challenges in the best possible way.

The team focused on analyzing tough races, figuring out the reasons for their difficulties, and making sure the car's development was on the right track. Perez is confident that the team has learned from these experiences and will apply those lessons to improve their performance.

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