Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen comment on Christian Horner under investigation

"We are racing and we all love it and we just want to go racing together."- Perez said.

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen comment on Christian Horner under investigation
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Given that the investigation regarding Christian Horner is still ongoing, the Red Bull team is ready to stick together in these challenging times for them. Considering the dominance they had in the previous seasons, there is fear that this could disrupt their plans. However, Red Bull drivers and executives are calling for unity. It is essential to stay together.

Sergio Perez, in a media interview, stated that the primary focus of this team is to progress and achieve excellent results. The Mexican driver emphasizes that the Red Bull team must primarily aim for victories and success. Aware that Horner is a key figure in this team, Perez and the rest of the team have been supporting him from day one.

I think we just want to go racing. We are a race team and we want the whole team to stick together because we’ve been successful. It will be ideal just to keep the whole team together and just focus on racing.

Obviously, there are some things out there but the most important is that we will stick together as a team, we will work well and the main goal is remembering that we are here for racing.

We are racing and we all love it and we just want to go racing together. We know that Christian is a key player in our organisation.”- Sergio Perez said, as quoted by

Despite facing an investigation and allegations, Christian Horner believes he can handle the challenges. He emphasizes the unity within the Red Bull team, stating that everyone is focused on the upcoming season.

Horner appreciates the support received during this period and maintains a business-as-usual approach. While the investigation is ongoing, his main focus is on preparing for the upcoming season, and he assures that he is fully cooperating with the investigation process in the background.

The Red Bull team is ready to repeat the same successes this season. Fans of this sport are questioning whether this team truly has the potential to do so. Considering how brilliant they have been lately, no one doubts that they can indeed. What can delight fans of this team is the positive team spirit. The Red Bull team consists of individuals who have been together for years. Experience and quality will certainly be their main weapons in the new season. Horner, as one of the most experienced within the team, is a person without whom it is hard to imagine the Red Bull F1 team. Great things are expected from him as a leader.

Max Verstappen supports Christian Horner: It's the same as always

Max Verstappen is also ready to support Christian Horner. The two of them have had a great relationship for years. They have always collaborated and put Red Bull in the forefront. Verstappen does not want to dwell on the numerous headlines in the Dutch media regarding Horner and the investigation, especially false ones.

"It's the same as always – I can tell you that.

I mean, I don't know who likes to write these kinds of things. But to me and Christian, it's like always."

Max Verstappen is emphasizing the importance of focusing on his own performance in Formula 1. He talks about being physically prepared and discussing plans with the engineers. He has always been a driver who strives to be at his maximum and trains hard. His dedication is the reason he has become a driver that everyone fears within F1.

Max Verstappen, Christian Horner
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Additionally, Max mentions that his life extends beyond Formula 1, and he prefers not to dwell too much on it when at home. Verstappen is also involved in virtual racing and has various activities and future plans in the background, indicating a need for a balanced and busy life beyond his racing commitments.

The Dutch driver has consistent ambitions season after season: to compete for the championship title. Now, with Verstappen's confidence factor in play, many consider him the main favorite to repeat the same achievement this season. The races he had with Hamilton in past seasons were a great way for him to gain the necessary experience. Therefore, it's not surprising why the Dutch driver was so dominant in the previous season.

Christian Horner has to remain calm, focused, and wait to see what will happen. Such things should not disrupt the team's atmosphere, especially at a time when Red Bull has the opportunity to continue its dominance in the seasons ahead of us. Other teams are carefully waiting for their chance. The F1 world can be cruel, and every step backward can ultimately cost you dearly. The beginning of the season will best indicate who can compete for the top spot at this moment.

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