Christian Horner affirms commitment to Red Bull amidst investigation

"Everybody is focused on the season ahead, so it's been very much business as normal. The support has been fantastic.”

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner affirms commitment to Red Bull amidst investigation
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Christian Horner has no doubt that he will remain the Red Bull team principal in the upcoming season. After becoming the subject of an investigation, many doubted that Horner might potentially leave Red Bull, at least while the investigation is ongoing. The Red Bull team principal faces accusations of controlling behavior. However, Horner has dismissed such allegations, emphasizing his innocence. In an interview with ESPN, Horner confirmed that he will stay in the same position in the coming period.

"Yeah, absolutely.

Obviously there's a process that's ongoing. I'm very focused on the season ahead.”

Although many emphasized that this accusation could create chaos within the team, Horner stresses that the team is fully prepared for new challenges and has not allowed it to disrupt things. Red Bull is motivated to enter the new season with equally significant ambitions and achieve great results.

"Inevitably there has been a distraction but the team are very together," he continued.

"Everybody is focused on the season ahead, so it's been very much business as normal. The support has been fantastic.”

Horner emphasized his concentration on the upcoming season, expressing excitement about the new car's launch and looking forward to observing its performance in Bahrain. Their ambitions in the very first race of this season are to demonstrate that they will once again be a fear for their opponents. The goal is to approach each race seriously, be motivated, and replicate the previous season, at least when it comes to winning the championship. Achieving victory in such a dominant manner again will indeed be a challenging task.

Despite the desire for a resolution, he highlighted the importance of adhering to a respectful process, acknowledging that the conclusion will come in due time. Throughout, he indicated that the team is maintaining its usual operations and business activities. 

Considering that no one could stop them last season, fans of this sport believe that such developments could disrupt things within the team and create an opportunity for someone else. The beginning of the season will best show us whether these predictions are accurate. However, if we judge by the statements of the team's leaders, Red Bull could be equally dominant in the 2024 season.

Christian Horner on Red Bull owners

Horner emphasized that he has the complete support of Red Bull's owners, dispelling any contradicting reports. He stressed the unity within the team and highlighted the strong backing from shareholders since Dietrich Mateschitz's passing. Red Bull's leaders do not want to allow such things to disrupt their plans for the upcoming season. Christian Horner is proud to have the support of his colleagues, especially during these challenging moments, as he needs support in these times.

Additionally, he pointed out significant investments in areas like powertrains and the future of Formula 1 on campus, emphasizing the team's cohesion and unity. 

Christian Horner
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Christian Horner intends to remain a part of this team for many more years to come. Since the creation of this team in 2005, Horner has been one of the most important figures. Being with the team for almost 20 years is an impressive feat. During this period, he had the opportunity to see and learn a lot, applying those lessons. Considering Red Bull's dominance, the fact is that as a team, they have matured, understood their mistakes, and become a team that many now respect and love. F1 experts believe that this team could continue its dominance in the years ahead. However, Horner wants to put an accent on the future, given that his premise has been the same from day one: to look ahead and strive for progress. This mindset is the reason Red Bull has become a team with strong foundations.

“I'm absolutely committed to this team. I've been here since the beginning. I've built this team. There's been highs and lows along the way. We have won 113 races. Won seven drivers’ world championships. We've won six constructors’ world championships in 19 seasons, and you know, that's in the history books. But it's what lies ahead, because that's what’s important. So my focus is on the future. It on Red Bull powertrains becoming a startup engine business. We have an advanced technology business system producing the first ever Red Bull track car and of course, there's a lot going on the campus.”

In the continuation of the interview, Horner emphasized that his commitment has not changed over the years. He has always aimed to give his maximum to help the team. Fans of this team can hardly imagine Red Bull without Christian Horner, a man who knows every detail within the team.

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