Waché, Red Bull's Tech Director, Calls Red Bull's Performance Good, Not Amazing

“We did a good job – but we didn't do an amazing job."

by Sead Dedovic
Waché, Red Bull's Tech Director, Calls Red Bull's Performance Good, Not Amazing
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Red Bull achieved absolute dominance in 2023. Max Verstappen looked unstoppable, and opposing teams couldn't find a solution for a great Dutchman. In the middle of the season, things were quite clear. 

Although many still praise Red Bull and what they have achieved through the last season, Red Bull F1 Technical Director Pierre Waché thinks Red Bull has done a good job, but not amazing. His comments are surprising for many, as few teams in the history of the sport have had such dominance.

“We did a good job – but we didn't do an amazing job. I think we identified multiple weaknesses in [RB]18” – and we pushed for [the RB19] to solve them. We didn't solve all of them, but fortunately the team were able to reduce the weaknesses we had and be able to deliver on track.”- Wache told F1.com, as quoted by crash.net

What could worry other teams is that Red Bull has fixed some issues. The immediate question arises: If the team with that kind of dominance has made improvements, what will they look like in 2024? However, such statements may not necessarily indicate anything. The first few races will provide more insight.

“Max mentioned multiple times that our capacity on ride and kerbing and low-speed performance is not the best compared to some others. It's clearly the area where we are pushing to improve,” he continued.

Fans of this sport attribute the greatest credit to Max Verstappen and the fact that he has progressed incredibly in recent years. Ever since entering Formula 1, it could be noticed that he is an exceptional talent.

Wache put an accent on Max Verstappen's achievements. Having such a driver is the dream of every team. The Red Bull leaders recognized Max's talent, gave him a chance, and he returned it to them in the best possible way.

Wache attributed Verstappen's improvement to "consistency" and emphasized his crucial role in the team's remarkable success. Explaining further, Wache noted that Verstappen not only enhanced his consistency and self-confidence but also evolved in tandem with the team.  Even since his arrival at Red Bull, it has been clear that he is a brilliant talent and a driver who could set new records. However, no one expected the Dutchman to be so dominant. Of course, significant credit goes to his team, which has provided him with a car that has the potential to achieve excellent results.

Red Bull F1 Technical Director Pierre Waché on Max Verstappen's qualities

He stressed the importance of effective communication and mutual understanding between the driver and the team, emphasizing the need for clear vocabulary to ensure optimal performance. If there is no direct communication and honesty within the team, it is difficult to expect that such a team has the potential to achieve great results.

Max Verstappen
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According to Wache, Verstappen's maturity has grown over time, although his innate speed and ability to perform on the track have remained consistent since his younger years. From the first day he entered the big stage, F1 experts predicted a great career for the Dutchman. What impresses many is Verstappen's mindset, which has no intention of giving up even when faced with the toughest challenges. This was best demonstrated in the 2021 season when he managed to secure a victory in the final race and win the championship. People will be talking about that season for years to come, considering that no one could believe what happened.

Wache credited Verstappen as a significant contributor to the team's success due to his exceptional talent. Additionally, he highlighted Verstappen's proficiency in providing valuable feedback on the car, demonstrating a keen ability to analyze and address the car's behavior. Over the years, Verstappen has gained the experience necessary to become a driver that everyone fears. Interestingly, the Dutchman excels at recognizing mistakes and directs the team leaders towards them. Many believe that Max will maintain the same level of dominance in the upcoming season as in the previous ones.

While acknowledging that a driver's primary role is not to act as an engineer, Wache praised Verstappen's technical prowess, noting his capacity to articulate feelings and thoughts about the car's performance. He expressed high regard for Verstappen's technical abilities and clarified that, despite differences from other highly talented drivers like Sebastian Vettel, Verstappen shines in his technical understanding of the sport.

This season could offer us a lot. Other teams are giving their maximum effort to stop Red Bull from achieving their goal. No one wants to see a repeat of the last season, so the leaders of other teams have been working hard in recent months to achieve impressive results.

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