Sergio Perez responded to rumors about ending his collaboration with Red Bull

Sergio Perez shared that he hasn't set specific goals or timelines to keep his place at Red Bull.

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez responded to rumors about ending his collaboration with Red Bull
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Sergio Perez's contract expires at the end of this season. The Mexican did not particularly impress in the previous year, so it is to be expected that Perez will not extend his loyalty. 

Perez spoke about his contract in a press conference. 

This 34-year-old driver is not particularly worried about his future. For him, the primary goal is to excel this season, give his best, and aim for the top. Although individuals already make decisions about their future at the beginning of the season, Perez seems to have no such intention.

“Most drivers will be willing to get things done a lot earlier in the year.

From my side, I am just focusing on having a great year.

The rest takes care of itself.

As long as you are performing on track, the rest always comes in place.

I am not bothered about it. For me, my main target is on track.”- Sergio Perez said, as quoted by

The Mexican put an accent on experience on the F1 scene. Rumors that have been circulating for the past weeks, months, and even years do not cause excessive concern for Perez. He is used to hearing various things. At this moment, he wants to enjoy the moment.

“To be honest, when you’ve been so long in this business, you know how it operates,” he said.

“I’m a lot less bothered by it. I make sure that I’m able to enjoy it, to have fun, and the rest takes care of itself.”

Sergio Perez shared that he hasn't set specific goals or timelines to keep his place at Red Bull. He wants to concentrate on the initial races of the season without getting distracted.

It is necessary that he takes his task seriously from the first race, and tries to change the mistakes from the previous season. The previous season was not what either Perez or Red Bull's leaders had hoped for. 

There was optimism after the first few races that the Mexican could fight for the title with Max Verstappen. However, during the season, Perez was not consistent, after which it was clear that Verstappen would win the championship again.

Perez explained that setting timelines could be tiring and distracting, so he prefers to avoid unnecessary pressures. Even though his future with the team is uncertain, he appreciates being part of a great team and hopes to continue with them for more years. He is fully focused on the upcoming season and prefers to take it one step at a time. Being under pressure is not easy, especially for those younger drivers. However, Perez is an experienced driver. His experience could be crucial this season.

In 2023, Sergio Perez had a good start to the season by winning two out of the first four grands prix. However, he faced difficulties later on, despite his teammate Max Verstappen's success and the team's overall strong performance. Unfortunately, Perez had challenging retirements in Japan and Mexico, raising concerns about his future with the team. Already in those moments, rumors started about Red Bull terminating the contract with the Mexican.

Sergio Perez on the development of the car

Perez explained that the issues he encountered were related to the development of the car. While trying to fix problems, the team unintentionally sacrificed the car's performance. They focused on making the car more comfortable, but this came at the cost of speed. There is optimism that this year they will not repeat the same mistakes as the previous ones.

Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

According to Perez, Japan marked the lowest point of the season, likely referring to the challenges he faced during the Grand Prix in that country. 

Sergio Perez says he has improved since facing difficult races in the past. He mentions understanding why those races were challenging and working on addressing those issues. The entire Red Bull team has realized that they have to change things, at least when it comes to Sergio Perez. For this very reason, fans are excited to see what kind of performances the Mexican will have this season.

Perez emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, learning from mistakes, and keeping an open approach throughout the season. He values Max Verstappen as a reference and is committed to staying on the right pace and developing further.

Having a teammate like Verstappen is a big deal. It's a great chance to improve, learn some things, and use it on F1 tracks. In addition, it is challenging to be a teammate to a driver who appears every 20 years.

Perez stressed that the first race will not only be important but also every subsequent one. This year, he wants to be consistent and thus help Red Bull achieve its goal!

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