Max Verstappen's interesting reaction to Lewis Hamilton's shocking decision

"I hope for them that it will be a success. But we don’t know at the moment."- Max said.

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen's interesting reaction to Lewis Hamilton's shocking decision
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Lewis Hamilton will leave Mercedes and join Ferrari at the end of this season. Few expected that the Briton would actually make such a decision. Max Verstappen, who's been seen as a rival for a while, even though it's tough to call it a real rivalry last year because Max was winning a lot, talked about Hamilton's decision. During Red Bull's launch of their 2024 car, the Dutchman emphasized that everyone should respect Hamilton's decision, and stressed that most do not know what is behind the negotiations between Mercedes and Ferrari.

“At the end of the day, if somebody wants to drive for Ferrari, and especially somebody like Lewis, whose achieved so much, if that’s his dream and goal… We don’t know the talks they had at Mercedes or Ferrari, what has been promised, if anything is coming,” Verstappen said, as quoted by

Although some criticize Hamilton, believing that he has let his team down, Verstappen does not share that opinion. The Dutchman believes that it is necessary to understand that Hamilton's decision has a basis. It will be interesting to see the rivalry between these two great drivers this season, but especially the next one.

“So you can’t give an honest assessment from our side of why you make that decision. But if he is happy with that move then he should go. It will look cool and of course I hope for them that it will be a success. But we don’t know at the moment.”- he continued.

When asked about the possibility of driving for Ferrari, Verstappen, who is committed to Red Bull until 2028, emphasized his current satisfaction with Red Bull.  It is hard to even think that Verstappen could make a bizarre decision and leave Red Bull in the moments when he has the greatest dominance. It would be a shock to everyone. Looking at the conditions he has within the team, the status he has acquired as well as the great predictions regarding the future, the Dutchman has no reason to leave the team.

He expressed respect for Ferrari but clarified that, at the moment, switching teams is not on his mind. Verstappen talked about the unpredictability of life but emphasized his contentment with the current situation. Additionally, he highlighted his desire to venture into activities beyond Formula 1, indicating that his ambitions extend beyond the boundaries of the racing world.

Interestingly, Verstappen has emphasized several times so far that he does not plan to race much longer. However, people have changed their minds over the years. We will see if Max will also change his.

Christian Horner reacts to Hamilton's departure from Mercedes to Ferrari

Red Bull boss, Christian Horner also reacted to the departure of Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes to Ferrari. Horner stressed that he was surprised, just like everyone else. Nevertheless, the Red Bull boss believes that Hamilton's decision is quite reasonable, given that Lewis probably saw a greater perspective in Ferrari next year.

“First of all I think everybody was surprised, even his existing team [Mercedes], about Lewis’ move to Ferrari,” he said.

“He’s obviously seen something there that he believes in that serves him better than staying where he is. I think for F1, a Lewis-Ferrari tie-up is really exciting.”

Horner recognized Hamilton's talent for making bold decisions and believed that his choice to switch teams would be positive for Formula 1.  With his departure to Ferrari, a new rivalry could arise; this time between Red Bull and Ferrari. However, it is too early to go that far into the future. The question is how much Ferrari can do next season. This season may be an indicator of how much F1 teams can do next season.

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff
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Christian pointed out Hamilton's past success in making a similar move from McLaren to Mercedes, even when it seemed uncertain initially. Horner mentioned that Hamilton likely thought carefully about the decision, and the prospect of Hamilton joining Ferrari is seen as exciting for the Formula 1 community, adding an element of anticipation to the sport.

We cannot say that leaving McLaren for Mercedes was a bad decision. That was probably the best decision for Hamilton at that moment. If you look at last season, Red Bull had no rivals. However, many expect that this season most teams will raise their quality and compete with Red Bull. How realistic it is at the moment is hard to say. We expect an exciting season, and hopefully, much more interesting than the previous one.

Lewis Hamilton will have the chance to end his adventure in Mercedes in the best way.

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