Carlos Sainz discusses team commitment despite leaving Ferrari soon

“I think the amount of pressure that I will put in myself, in the team and my engineers and everyone involved, I think will be exactly the same."- Sainz said

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz discusses team commitment despite leaving Ferrari soon
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Carlos Sainz will leave Ferrari at the end of this season. Given that Lewis Hamilton is coming to this team in 2025, Sainz is forced to leave the Italian team and look for happiness somewhere else. 

Many are wondering what the partnership between Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will look like this season. 

Both are great drivers with huge ambitions. However, this will be the last season in which they will have the opportunity to cooperate. 

In an interview with the media, Sainz spoke about his adventure in Ferrari, as well as his partnership with Leclerc. This 29-year-old F1 driver is happy to obey team orders, even if they are in favor of Charles Leclerc. 

Sainz represents the type of driver who prioritizes the team's goals ahead of his success. He has once again affirmed the positive relationship between him and Leclerc.

“Of course. I’ve always been a team player. Everything I’ve done in Formula 1 I think I’ve been a great team player, I’ve always been exemplary in that sense as a driver for any team.

I will definitely help Charles if I have to, the same way that I expect Charles to help me if I fight for a World Championship myself too.”- Sainz said, as quoted by

Even though he is aware that this will be his last season at Ferrari, Sainz wants to give his best and help the team achieve success and potentially win the championship. 

The task will not be easy, everyone is aware of that, but Ferrari is a team that has shown in the past that they have the potential for great things. 

Carlos spent three great years on this team. There are many moments that he will never forget, and which are firmly etched in his memory. 2024 will be a great chance for Ferrari to achieve their goal with the help of Leclerc and Sainz.

“I think the amount of pressure that I will put in myself, in the team and my engineers and everyone involved, I think will be exactly the same.

The hunger to win races, the hunger to become champions doesn’t change just because of what’s happening in ’25. We all have the same objective. We all have the same ambitions this year."

Regardless of the fact that 2024 will be his last season at Ferrari, he enters the new season just as motivated. Of course, it is also necessary that Ferrari provide him with a car with which he can achieve his goal.

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Given that they worked hard on this car, aware that other teams are also making progress, Sainz can be optimistic about his future. This great driver will have the imperative to say goodbye to this team in the best possible way.

“And the fact that I’m not going to be a Scuderia Ferrari driver in 2025 doesn’t mean that we don’t want to become champions together this year or win races this year.

So I think it’s going to be exactly the same. If anything, I can focus even more knowing in the present and then focus more on the race by race, making sure I have the best possible car and feeling underneath me and not having to focus so much on development and in the future.”

Charles Leclerc on his future

A few weeks ago, Charles Leclerc extended his contract with Ferrari beyond 2024. The owners of Ferrari have enormous confidence in the Monegasque. It's been 6 years since his debut. It can be said that Leclerc pretty much fulfilled his goals. Regarding the new season, Leclerc is an optimist, just like he always has been.

Leclerc shared his heartfelt connection to Ferrari, revealing that racing for the team has been a lifelong dream since his early years. As a child, he would watch the Monaco Grand Prix and always look out for the iconic red cars. Joining the Ferrari Driver Academy in 2016 solidified his bond with the team, considering them his second family.  To have a dream to perform for this team, and then after a few years to realize your dream is what every boy who aspires to play this sport dreams about.

Through the ups and downs of the past five years, Leclerc and Ferrari have faced challenges together, strengthening their relationship. Despite the hurdles, he looks forward to the upcoming season with optimism, aiming for continuous progress and competitiveness in every race.  Ferrari fans believe that this season could be one of their most successful. This kind of atmosphere can certainly please the leaders of this team.

Leclerc maintains his dream of winning the World Championship with Ferrari, expressing confidence that the future holds great moments and joy for both the team and its fans. There is still a little left until the beginning, and impatience is at its peak!

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