Lewis Hamilton was exceptionally candid during the recent Mercedes F1 car launch

The final Mercedes launch was particularly emotional for Hamilton. Being part of this team for 11 years is impressive.

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton was exceptionally candid during the recent Mercedes F1 car launch
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Many eyes will be on Lewis Hamilton and his performances this season. The 39-year-old driver has one final opportunity to find success with Mercedes and potentially win the championship.

This will be a great chance for him, considering that Lewis Hamilton enters this season without pressure and huge expectations. 

In such an atmosphere, many believe that the Briton can make a success. It is a little disappointing for Mercedes fans that Hamilton is leaving them at the end of this season. 

However, they accepted things as they are, aware they cannot change much. 

The final Mercedes launch was particularly emotional for Hamilton. Being part of this team for 11 years is impressive. 

Lewis cherishes the numerous memories he has made during his time at Mercedes. However, he emphasized that all journeys must come to an end eventually. Lewis expresses gratitude for the opportunity to be part of a team comprised of amazing individuals. He takes pride in the hardworking crew who have provided Hamilton and Russell with a competitive car.

"It’s been emotional," he said, as quoted by crash.net

"It’s very surreal to be here given I came here in 2013. 11 years with the team starting my 12th.

It’s such a privilege to work with a group of people where you see the work they’re doing over the winter, going through this process over the last couple of years. You see a car come together at the beginning of the year."

For Hamilton, this is the most exciting part of the season, when teams unveil their cars. He is happy that he and Russell will have the opportunity to achieve great things this season. 

It seems that both of them, as well as the leaders of this team, do not want to make a big fuss about the new car. They do not want to repeat the mistake they made in previous seasons this time. All F1 teams are particularly motivated this season to make progress, as confirmed by the statements of F1 bosses.

"It’s the most exciting part of the season. You’re seeing everyone’s launches, this is the first time I have seen the car come together as a whole. 

To know that everything is under the hood which people don’t get to see, but George and I get to experience on the track, it’s exciting."

Hamilton's main goal for 2024 is to bring Mercedes "back to where we once were."

Lewis Hamilton on Mercedes' future and goals

Disappointed with the previous three seasons, the Briton is ready to show this season that Mercedes has the potential to be at the top again, and potentially win the championship. Red Bull was their main rival in previous seasons, although last season it is hard to say that anyone was a rival to this team. The leaders of Red Bull have no intention of stopping. It seems that they worked even more this year than the previous ones.

Lewis Hamilton
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Lewis emphasizes that during the entire winter training period, the primary focus is on restoring the team to its previous level of performance. The challenging past couple of years served as a learning experience, motivating the team to regroup and reevaluate their approach. 

According to the statements of Mercedes managers and drivers, it can be felt that there is a positive atmosphere within the team. Despite numerous challenges in the last three years, their motivation and determination to progress remain unbroken.

Hamilton is saying they have to carefully look at many things and go through a detailed process. They need to be very careful and precise in their work, understand the data they collect, grasp how the car behaves, and make the best use of every practice session, even when it's raining. Even the few laps they get in rainy conditions can give them important information about what to expect in the upcoming racing season.

It seems that this season they tend to be more cautious than ever. Given that the optimism from previous seasons was not justified, the leaders of Mercedes call for caution, patience, and faith in the team. They also know that other teams want to get better, and it's likely that they are working hard to do so. The question is, which team can make the most significant improvement now and outperform the others? Many predictions point towards Red Bull once again. However, every team's period of being the best eventually concludes, and this includes Red Bull. Whether it will happen in the upcoming season or the one after, we are yet to find out.

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