Mercedes' plan A, B and C for the future: Will the rumors be true?!

It will be a great honor and responsibility to replace Hamilton

by Sead Dedovic
Mercedes' plan A, B and C for the future: Will the rumors be true?!
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Mercedes is already thinking about options for the next season. There are several names in circulation, but it is still not known who will actually succeed Lewis Hamilton

The leaders of this team want to think carefully about who is their best option at this moment. According to the media reports, plan A for this team will be the talented Andrea Kimi Antonelli

The Italian is 17 years old and will compete in F2 this year. Sky Sports' Karun Chandhok revealed some details regarding the talent of this young driver. Namely, in a conversation with the F3 engineers, Chandhok found out that Antonelli is the driver who impressed them the most since Max Verstappen.

“From everything I hear of Antonelli, he’s pretty damn special.

Spoke with the F3 engineers who ran him recently on a private test day. Said he was the best driver in an F3 car since Verstappen!

McLaren gamble with rookie Lewis in 2007 worked out.”- Chandhok said, quoted by

Given that immediately after the confirmation that Hamilton was leaving the team, rumors about Kimi as the successor of the British appeared, Toto Wolff immediately decided to react. The Mercedes boss emphasized that it is too early to talk about Kimi as the first option for Mercedes, given that he is only 17 years old. 

Wolff explained that Antonelli has been part of the team since he was 11 years old. His talent really shouldn't be questioned. However, it seems that the leaders of Mercedes do not have a lot of confidence in him. 

Some believe that Wolff's statements should not be taken seriously, considering that many boss teams often make a decision that they previously denied. It will be interesting to see if Kimi is an option for Mercedes.

“Kimi has been with Mercedes since he was 11.

He's been in the junior programme and his career was very successful. I think most important at that stage is he focuses on F2.

If we start to spin his mind or unleash rumours that’s not going to help his F2 campaign.

He’s just stepped out of karts a few years ago. He’s not even 18.

I would rather not start any speculation about Kimi going into F1 at this stage.”

According to the media, Fernando Alonso is the second option for Mercedes. Looking at his experience and successes on the F1 scene, the 42-year-old driver would certainly be a great option for Mercedes. 

However, the question is whether Mercedes wants a combination of experience and youth, or whether the primary goal is to develop young talents and thus ensure success in the long run. 

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso© Chris Graythen / Getty Images Sport

In an interview with the media, Alonso confirmed that his current focus is Aston Martin and a new contract, but if an interesting offer comes, it is certain that he will reconsider. 

The Spaniard is someone who could help Mercedes achieve its goals in the coming period. Even though he is 42 years old, his qualities are still noticeable.

“I think it’s going to be a question [I get] for the first few months of the year,” -Alonso said.

“If we cannot reach an agreement and I want to commit to race in Formula 1, I know that I have a privileged position. I’m probably attractive to other teams.”

Daniel Ricciardo is one of the options

Although according to many he will not be option C, there is more and more talk about Daniel Ricciardo and his future. Some believe that the Australian will be one of the options for Mercedes.

Ricciardo commented on the rumors surrounding his future, stating that he is not actively planning too far ahead. At this stage of his career, thinking about the future feels like stressing that he's getting closer to the end of his racing journey. However, Daniel has no such intentions. Ricciardo is a driver who plans to be part of the F1 world for many years to come.

Therefore, he prefers to stay focused on the present and take each race one step at a time.

He noted that Mercedes, being in a secure position, can afford to take their time in evaluating various factors, such as driver performance and the overall driver market. Ricciardo sees this patient approach as an advantage for the team. Wolff also spoke about it. This season could be an ideal chance for them to understand what type of driver they need, but also in which direction the team could go.

In addition, he expressed satisfaction in not being directly involved in the early-season speculation and potential driver changes. For him, avoiding the early chaos of the "silly season" is a positive aspect of his current situation.

Daniel is the driver profile that every team would like. Committed, motivated, and brave!

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