Former F1 team manager believes that Lando Norris made a big mistake!

“Nobody’s talking about this, but why did he rush into signing such a long-term contract with McLaren now? He didn’t need to do that."

by Sead Dedovic
Former F1 team manager believes that Lando Norris made a big mistake!
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Lando Norris extended his contract with McLaren a few weeks before it was confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will continue his career with Ferrari from the 2025 season. This young driver is obviously happy in this team and believes that the future holds even better things for him and the team. 

The achievements he had in the previous season give the leaders of the team a reason to be hopeful that Norris will achieve even more success in the coming period.

Former F1 team manager Peter Windsor believes that Norris made a mistake by not waiting to explore his options, especially given the opportunity to join Ferrari, Mercedes, or possibly Red Bull in the upcoming season. Windsor emphasizes that Norris should have taken the time to assess his opportunities before making a decision.

“Nobody’s talking about this, but why did he rush into signing such a long-term contract with McLaren now? He didn’t need to do that.

It was obvious that McLaren would want to keep him because [McLaren chief executive] Zak Brown’s been supporting him and he’s been part of the Zak Brown thing going back to Formula 3, so that was never going to go away. But there were potentially going to be options at Mercedes, Ferrari and maybe Red Bull.

So if you’re Lando Norris – who’s on everybody’s lips as one of the great stars of the future and you’re a good guy and you race well – why wouldn’t you have kept your options open for at least three or four months until Monaco? Why sign now? It hasn’t worked out very well for him, in my opinion."- Windsor said, as quoted by

Although Norris may be satisfied with this deal, Windsor considers it a great pity that he lost his place in Red Bull or Mercedes.

“He’s got a nice deal with McLaren, but he’s still got Oscar Piastri – who isn’t slow – in the other car and he’s now got no chance of getting the Mercedes drive or the Red Bull drive.”

Peter Windsor believes that Red Bull will likely choose Alex Albon as the replacement for Sergio Perez, and he suggests that Albon has signed a three-year deal for the position. In Windsor's perspective, if you are Lando Norris, a fellow Formula 1 driver, you might find it perplexing that Albon, who you may consider yourself better than, is seemingly getting the Red Bull drive.

Alex Albon
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However, going into a detailed analysis at this point is not a great option. Norris made what he believed was the best decision for himself in that moment. Predicting what would happen in the coming weeks or months was challenging. It's important to note that this doesn't guarantee that Norris won't reconsider his plans. The future will provide the clarity needed to understand the path this talented driver has in mind.

Windsor praises Zak Brown, the head of the McLaren team, for encouraging Norris to sign with McLaren early in the season. 

Brown was aware of the type of driver he had and had no hesitation in offering him a new contract. McLaren has set even higher ambitions for the current season, aiming to reach the pinnacle of performance in Formula 1.

However, he questions the reasoning behind such a quick decision, wondering if Brown made it a winter priority to secure Norris's commitment. Windsor also highlights the uncertainty of the situation, expressing concern that Norris might not be pleased with the early decision, considering the unknown factors that could unfold during the season.

Lando Norris explains his decision: Two things influenced his choice

Lando Norris explained his decision after extending his contract. Two things influenced his choice. One was whether he could imagine himself in another team. The second was whether McLaren is a team that can help him achieve his goal of winning the championship. 

Since McLaren can meet his expectations, Norris had no doubts. He mentioned his happiness in being part of the team for almost 7 years. Lando hopes that his team can maintain the same pace in the upcoming seasons. They have set high goals, and Norris will play a key role in achieving them.

Brown also believes that Lando will be a crucial figure for this team to achieve its goals. Looking at the previous season, it was clear that Norris can continue at an even stronger pace in the future. The loyalty Norris has shown is truly a reason for the fans of this team to love him even more. We will see if Norris will potentially change his plans in the future.

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