Fernando Alonso responds to Hamilton's statement: Ferrari wasn't his dream a year ago

"It was a little bit unexpected but I don’t know the reason behind it."- Alonso said about Hamilton's switch

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso responds to Hamilton's statement: Ferrari wasn't his dream a year ago
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The whole world was shocked by Lewis Hamilton's decision to leave Mercedes at the end of the season and join Ferrari. 

Considering the history with this team, and the fact that he has been part of Mercedes for 11 years, Hamilton surprised everyone. 

The Briton intends to continue his career in a team with a great history, but also in a team that has not been so great lately. Many believe that the arrival of Lewis Hamilton could be the key for Ferrari, to finally move in the right direction. 

Fernando Alonso is one of the drivers who is also surprised by Lewis Hamilton's decision. The Spaniard expected Hamilton to remain loyal to Mercedes and finish his career there. The 42-year-old driver, on the other hand, emphasizes that he does not know what happened within the team, and what is the primary motive for such a decision by Hamilton.

“I was training actually that day so I missed all the stress from everybody so I was one day late on the news,” -Fernando Alonso, as quoted by crash.net

“Probably it was a surprise, I will not lie. But not because of the change itself, it’s just because from the outside it seemed he was very linked to Mercedes and very loyal to them.

It was a little bit unexpected but I don’t know the reason behind it. I don’t know anything, so it’s more a question for him. I didn’t pay too much attention or spend much time thinking about it.”

Alonso expresses his hope that Lewis Hamilton enjoys his time at Ferrari, as it's a team with a unique and special atmosphere, particularly when they're winning. Alonso emphasizes the importance of winning, noting that Ferrari has had a fast car for several years but hasn't consistently achieved major victories.  Ferrari has a rich history with numerous great drivers on its roster. However, in recent years, the team has struggled to realize its full potential and meet its objectives. Hamilton could serve as a crucial figure for Ferrari, helping the team regain its position at the top or potentially contend for the championship.

Fernando Alonso on Ferrari's car and his expectations

He believes that Ferrari's car has been competitive for some time, capable of challenging at the top. Alonso suggests that Hamilton's addition to the team could bring an extra edge, potentially enabling Ferrari to compete for championships. Some are skeptical, however, and believe that the quality and experience of Hamilton cannot be expressed in a team that cannot provide him with a car with which he is ready to dominate. Regardless of all the qualities that the Briton possesses, Ferrari must work hard to give him a car ready to fight for the very top.

Fernando Alonso
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Despite Red Bull's recent dominance, Alonso highlights Ferrari's ability to match their lap times and even outperform them in qualifying. 

The new season will be a great chance to see how Ferrari stands at the moment. Predictions are that Red Bull could continue to dominate this season. However, we know that the F1 world is unpredictable, and often brings certain things that we do not expect.

Overall, Alonso is confident in Ferrari's capabilities and believes that with Hamilton's involvement, they have the potential to achieve great success.  

Certainly, Hamilton would not have become part of this project if he did not have faith and hope that Ferrari could fight for the very top. We will see what the leaders of this team are preparing for the future. This season could also be important for Hamilton to understand if Ferrari is going in the right direction.

In an interview with the media, the Brit confirmed that he is happy and excited about the new chapter in his career. He's primarily focused on helping Mercedes achieve its goals this season. 

After that, Lewis wants to open a new chapter in his career in the best way. Ferrari's leaders are tired of going through the same challenges year after year. They genuinely wish to see Ferrari achieve success on the podium. If Hamilton performs as expected, and Ferrari provides him with a great car, it will be interesting to observe how the team progresses.

Lewis emphasized that being part of Ferrari is his childhood dream. Even as a kid, Hamilton had the opportunity to watch the legends of this sport perform for Ferrari and build success.

“I feel incredibly fortunate, after achieving things with Mercedes that I could only have dreamed of as a kid, that I now have the chance to fulfil another childhood dream. Driving in Ferrari red.”- Hamilton said.


Alonso had an interesting response to Hamilton's statement that he had fulfilled his dream by joining Ferrari.

"It was not his childhood dream 12 months ago, no? Or two months ago I guess, because it was a different dream then.”- Alonso said.


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