Fernando Alonso doesn't rule out that he could sign a contract with Mercedes

“I will not drive a few more years in Formula 1 just to drive and have fun. I’m not that kind of driver, I’m not that kind of person."- Alonso said.

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso doesn't rule out that he could sign a contract with Mercedes
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Fernando Alonso and his future are of interest to all F1 fans. It is still not known where the Spaniard will continue his career, and what his intentions are. Alonso is still under contract with Aston Martin. 

However, at the end of the season, his contract with Aston Martin expires. Rumors are already circulating that this experienced driver could continue his career at Mercedes, thus replacing Lewis Hamilton

In an interview with the media, Alonso talked about his plans. For him, the primary thing is to be ready and motivated. Only after that will he think about his future.

“If I commit to a project in the future, for the next year or for the next few years, I need to be first ready myself to commit to that,” Alonso said, as reported by crash.net

“I will not drive a few more years in Formula 1 just to drive and have fun. I’m not that kind of driver, I’m not that kind of person.

If I want to keep driving it’s because I know, starting from myself, that I can give 200 percent to the team on and off track, simulator work, marketing work, delivering on track.

So I’m preparing for that, on the eventuality that I want to keep racing. If I want to keep racing, let’s see what the options are.

My first priority will be always to sit down and discuss with Aston. They gave me the opportunity last year to join this organisation that I’m very proud to be part of."

Considering the great opportunity they gave him, Alonso wanted to talk primarily with the leaders of Aston Martin about a potential contract extension.

“With the new factory and everything going on, there is a great future in this team and I want to explore every possibility to race for many years here.”

In Alonso's comments, he mentions that there has been no communication with Mercedes since Hamilton's departure was announced. When asked about the possibility of joining Mercedes in 2025, Alonso explains that he'll need a few months to decide. 

In an interview with the media, Toto Wolff confirmed that Mercedes is already looking for alternatives. On the other hand, the executives of this team have no intention of rushing. Alonso is certainly one of the options, but they will have to think carefully about who is their best option at the moment.

Toto Wolff
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He talks about the importance of making a personal decision regarding his future in Formula 1, expressing his love for the sport and driving in general. Alonso suggests that if he doesn't continue in Formula 1, he'd find happiness in other forms of motorsport, allowing more time for his personal life, which is crucial at his age. 

Even though he is in his 40s, Alonso still shows a willingness to progress and do great things. The Spaniard is an example of a driver whose main motive is passion and love for motorsport, and only then money.

Fernando Alonso reveals his plan: He expresses a desire to talk with Aston Martin first

The main focus of his decision-making process is committing fully to a team. He expresses a desire to talk with Aston Martin first, as he feels connected to their project and believes in their potential success.  Aston Martin intends to do great things in the future. This team has enormous confidence in Fernando Alonso, given that he has shown in the seasons behind us that he is a driver who can help the team achieve its goals.

However, if an agreement with Aston Martin isn't reached and he decides to stay in Formula 1, Alonso stressed that his good performance and commitment make him attractive to other teams. Several teams are considering Alonso as an option. His qualities, but also his experience, could be the decisive factor.

He concludes by highlighting his unique position as one of the three current world champions on the grid, pointing out the rarity of available spots and emphasizing that there's only one open position, making negotiations interesting.

Aston Martin executives have confirmed many times so far that they intend to extend cooperation with Fernando Alonso. Looking at his statements, it seems that the Spaniard is ready to do the same. If Mercedes assures him that they can compete at the highest level and potentially contend for the championship, it would be challenging for him to turn down such an offer. The Formula 1 world is unpredictable, so any outcome would not come as a surprise.

Succeeding Lewis Hamilton will not be an easy task. Whoever succeeds him will have a difficult task to live up to expectations.

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