F1 experts disagree about Carlos Sainz's future: Going to Audi is a bad idea

"The reality is, I can see him going to Aston Martin. I can see him on the phone to Toto."-Karun Chandhok said.

by Sead Dedovic
F1 experts disagree about Carlos Sainz's future: Going to Audi is a bad idea
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Carlos Sainz's future is uncertain because Hamilton will be taking over his seat next year. Carlos will need to find another team to continue his racing career. Formula 1 experts predict that Sainz might join Audi, a new team entering the scene in 2026. 

Some people doubt Sainz's success at Audi, saying he might have to wait a long time for the team to do well. However, Sky Sports pundit Natalie Pinkham thinks going to Audi could be a great opportunity for Sainz. Being a leader in a new team is an exciting prospect. Pinkham is more worried about Leclerc and his future in Formula 1.

“I don’t believe, although it may not feel it at the moment, that this is a bad thing for Sainz,” Natalie Pinkham said on the Sky F1 show, as quoted by crash.net

“Ultimately he will go to Audi and shape that team around him.

This could be the best thing for him. What he does in the interim year will be interesting.

I think this is worse news for Charles Leclerc.

This upsets the applecart for him. He was starting to bed in.

He was pally with Vasseur and now Hamilton is even pallier!”

Karun Chandhok, Formula 1 analyst, had a somewhat different view of everything. Chandhok believes Sainz has some better options at the moment. 

Audi will surely have a difficult task to progress in the first couple of years, considering the competition and experience of other teams. 

In such an atmosphere, Sainz would have to wait a while to make a success. 

Given that the Spaniard will soon be in his 30s, it is unlikely that he will have the patience for such an adventure. Karun believes that Aston Martin or Mercedes is a better option for Carlos at the moment.

“Yes, but this isn’t a sport about making friends.

Ultimately Carlos has been booted out of one of the top three cars on the grid. A car that gave him victory at the Singapore Grand Prix.

That’s bad news.

Audi? They are not going to arrive and be at the front of the grid. It’s years away.

Everyone is connecting him to Audi because of the connection with his dad.

The reality is, I can see him going to Aston Martin. I can see him on the phone to Toto.

He wants to be winning now, he’s in his 30s, he can’t wait for years for Audi to get there"-  Chandhok said.

Damon Hill is praising Carlos Sainz Senior for winning the Dakar Rally at the age of 61 with Audi. He calls him "King Carlos the rally driver" and sees him as an inspiration for Sainz Junior.  Despite being in his 60s, his love and passion for F1 still hasn't disappeared. Sainz Senior is a person who has always aspired to be in the motorsport world. His son is also a great driver, and having such a great mentor is a big deal.

Damon Hill
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Hill suggests that the father and son will probably talk about what the best next steps are for the younger Sainz in his racing career. He also mentions the idea of Sainz Junior joining teams like Mercedes or Red Bull and is thinking about the different possibilities for his future in racing.  Many believe that going to Red Bull is a somewhat unrealistic option, given that they have Max Verstappen who dominates, while on the other hand, Sergio Perez's replacement could very likely be someone else.

Martin Brundle talks about Sainz Jr.'s options

Martin Brundle, once a great F1 driver, also shared his opinion regarding the Spaniard and his future.

Martin Brundle spoke positively about Carlos Sainz Jr., saying he's a fan of the young driver. Brundle believes that Sainz Jr. has the determination inherited from his father. 

While Brundle stressed that Sainz Jr. may not be as fast as Charles Leclerc, he points out that Sainz Jr. consistently finishes races, showing smart racing.  At times, he can be overly cautious, but he is certainly a driver that many people only speak of in superlative terms.

Brundle particularly praises Sainz Jr.'s impressive win in Singapore. Brundle suggests that teams like Aston Martin or Mercedes would benefit from having Sainz Jr. on their list of potential drivers.  The question is whether the leaders of these two teams consider Sainz as an option. Looking at the current situation at the F1 scene, Sainz would certainly be a great option for them.

He notes that Sainz Jr. might feel disappointed about losing his Ferrari seat, especially considering the long-term contracts of many other drivers in Formula 1. However, this can also be a motive for him to prove to the Ferrari leaders they made a mistake. In which team he could take revenge in some way, remains to be seen.

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