Alpine reveals its new F1 car for 2024!

"We aim to achieve great things together this season."- Esteban Ocon said.

by Sead Dedovic
Alpine reveals its new F1 car for 2024!
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Alpine has introduced a new car, and the ambitious team has declared its intentions to approach the current year with even greater aspirations than before. 

They aim to achieve a breakthrough and leave everyone surprised. 

Aware of the challenges ahead, they are proceeding with caution and have refrained from making great announcements. Following the unveiling of the new car, Team Principal Bruno Famin emphasized the imperative need for the team's progression. As of now, they have not set specific goals for the upcoming season.

"We need to continue to improve the team to take it to the next level.

Progress is never linear. That's why we will not declare any numerical targets."- Famin said, as quoted by BBC

Alpine looked great last season, with even two podiums. In the fierce competition of the previous season, it can be said that this team fulfilled its ambitions. Esteban Ocon hopes that he can enter the current season with a better car and with even better results. 

Looking back on the previous season, Ocon is happy with the podium in Monaco. This year could potentially be better for him. If optimism is a part of him, but also of the team, then he is on a great way to achieve his goal.

Esteban Ocon
Esteban Ocon© Rudy Carezzevoli / Getty Images Sport

"We aim to achieve great things together this season. Of course, moments like our podium in Monaco last season is a great reward for everyone in the team and having more performances like that is a natural objective."

Gasly believes that it is too early to make any predictions or express optimism. The most important thing for him is to be patient. Gasly emphasized that each of the drivers wants to win, but many factors ultimately decide on that. Pierre once again showed a side of his mentality. Aware that F1 brings unforeseen things, Gasly calls for caution.

The Alpine team has enormous confidence in Gasly and his teammate. The 2024 season will be a great opportunity for them to thank their team for the great chance they have.

"I never like to set personal targets until I see what we have in our hands. These things are dependent on the package and the performance we have.

If you ask any Formula 1 driver or elite athlete, they will say: 'I want to win,' but there is always more to it than that. We have to be patient and see where we stand with the new car on the track."

Pierre Gasly
Pierre Gasly© Ryan Pierse / Getty Images Sport

Gasly and Ocon have a great relationship, which could be seen in the season behind us. When you have two great drivers in your team, and at the same time who cooperate and believe in each other, then you can expect positive things.

Famin emphasized the importance of maintaining this collaborative approach, stating that they expect both drivers to continue working closely with the team to improve the overall teamwork and dynamics.

Looking at the history of this sport and partnerships, we can understand the importance of collaboration between drivers. If there is no positive relationship between teammates, it can be felt in the performances of the same team.

The technical director, Matt Harman explains Alpine's improvements

The technical director, Matt Harman, talked about the new car, the A524, and how it brings in many important changes.

Looking at his statement in which he described the changes that have occurred, this team has reason to be optimistic about its future. 

The Alpine crew carefully observed where they made the biggest mistakes. They also focused on other teams, especially Red Bull, and the reason why this team was so superior last year. After comprehensive analyses, they realized in which direction they must progress.

Harman pointed out improvements in the rear and front suspension and highlighted their work on managing brake temperatures, a crucial aspect in Formula 1.

He explained that the suspension's performance is vital as it affects how air flows under the car, a key factor in Red Bull's success. They also reconsidered the underfloor, an essential area for generating downforce. Harman mentioned their aggressive approach to developing the floor for better performance.

Changes were made to the front wing and nose to control airflow at the car's front. Despite facing some compromises to meet specific goals, Harman stressed the importance of continuous development across all areas of the team to enhance performance over the next two seasons. 

The Alpine team took their task seriously, and they do not want to repeat identical mistakes from the past. We will see how much this team can do in the 2024 season.

Esteban Ocon