Alex Albon on Lewis Hamilton's move: It's like Lionel Messi's transfer to Inter Miami

"It leaves a lot of questions for the driver market as well and opens that up.”- Albon said.

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Albon on Lewis Hamilton's move: It's like Lionel Messi's transfer to Inter Miami
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Lewis Hamilton's departure from Mercedes to Ferrari caused many controversies and surprises. Few expected that the Briton would leave Mercedes at the end of the season and start an adventure in Ferrari. It looked as if after 11 great years with Mercedes, Hamilton would stay for a few more and finish the story in a great way. 

As soon as it was confirmed that Hamilton was signing for Ferrari, comparisons appeared on social media. Williams driver Alex Albon is one of those who was surprised by Lewis' decision. 

After the news was confirmed, a huge buzz was created, which speaks in favor of how important Hamilton is in the world of F1. Albon heard rumors that Hamilton could join Ferrari, but he thought that such news had no credibility.

“It’s great for the sport. What a news story it was.

I didn’t see it coming but good for him. I think he wants that change up.

It just shows you how big Lewis is, seeing the stock of Ferrari going up as much as it did and the general perception of the news, definitely for me it was one of those pinch yourself moments.

Is this is a real story? There were so many rumours going around over the winter, you didn’t know what had any credibility or not.

The Ferrari one definitely seemed to be a rumour to me until it turned out to be a real thing."- Alex Albon said as reported by

Albon made a comparison between F1 and soccer, and as an example, he gave Lionel Messi, the most popular soccer player in the world who left PSG and joined Inter Miami. This comparison was made not only by Albon but also by a large number of fans of both sports. The Argentine's departure to the USA did not seem like a realistic option, but Messi wanted to open a new chapter in his career.

“It reminds me of the [Lionel] Messi to [Inter] Miami transfer - on such a huge scale and just shows you the appetite for F1.

It leaves a lot of questions for the driver market as well and opens that up.”

Albon's teammate, Logan Sargeant, was surprised by Hamilton's decision. Few expected that such an outcome could happen, especially after Lewis extended his contract with Mercedes. That's one of the reasons we love F1, precisely because of its unpredictability.

Logan Sargeant
Logan Sargeant© Ryan Pierse / Getty Images Sport

Sargeant shared his surprise and shock about Hamilton's move, highlighting that it shows Hamilton has the freedom to join any team he wants.

Sargeant also mentioned that if Hamilton believes switching teams will motivate him to get better and aim for another world championship, it's important to respect and understand his choice.

James Vowles reacts to Lewis Hamilton's switch

James Vowles, the head of the Williams team and someone who worked with Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes before shared that while he expected Hamilton to join Ferrari at some point, the exact timing surprised him. 

Many believe that his timing does not correspond to Mercedes' ambitions and plans. In addition, such a move could spoil the atmosphere within the German team. Hamilton does not share that opinion. He is still motivated to prove himself and help Mercedes achieve its goal in 2024.

According to Vowles, Hamilton's wish to be part of Ferrari wasn't surprising because many world champions share the same dream. Ferrari, being a very successful team in Formula 1, holds a special place in any driver's heart.  Although Ferrari has not been at its peak for a long time, it is still an honor and a privilege to defend the colors of this team. Ferrari is a team with a great history behind it. The greats of F1 had the opportunity to be part of this team, and certainly one of the most famous is Michael Schumacher.

Vowles explained that making such a move is one of the most challenging things someone can do. It involves leaving a comfortable situation to face new challenges, and he believes this aligns with Lewis Hamilton's character. Vowles thinks the decision will be beneficial for both the sport and Hamilton, providing learning opportunities and pushing him to grow. The Briton needed a new career challenge. He is ready to open a new chapter and will strive to win the championship with Ferrari if that is possible.

While Vowles noted that the move might not benefit Mercedes in the short term, he expressed confidence that Mercedes will recover and become stronger with their drivers. 

Mercedes will have to find a replacement in a short period. It will be difficult to replace a driver like Hamilton, who created history in this team. However, F1 has many quality drivers. The only question is how many are available at this moment.

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