More Than Records: How Hamilton's Ferrari Deal Transforms F1

Hamilton in the Ferrari team has the opportunity to become the greatest ever, but regardless of the results, the marketing potential of two brands such as Hamilton and Ferrari is huge and they will surely attract the most attention in the coming seasons

by Sededin Dedovic
More Than Records: How Hamilton's Ferrari Deal Transforms F1
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In the dynamic history of Formula 1, the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix marked a turning point for Lewis Hamilton. Although he finished fifth, it was enough to secure the crucial points needed to write his name in the sport's history and win the coveted world title for 2008.

The dramatic race, with Hamilton reclaiming his position amid the cheers of millions, cemented his status as a force. which should be counted on in the coming years, which later turned out to be true. Fast forward to the present and Hamilton is on the brink of equaling another of Michael Schumacher's records, the two sharing the top spot on Formula 1's all-time list.

Amazingly, next season offers him the opportunity to overtake Schumacher on the all-time list with the very team that defined Schumacher's career - Ferrari. Schumacher is a symbol of Formula 1 recognizable all over the world.

Five consecutive Drivers' Championship titles: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.
Six Constructors' Championship titles: 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004. 72 Grand Prix wins, the record for most wins by a single team. 5 pole positions in 2000.

6 fastest laps in 2002. Some of these records are still unattainable for Hamilton, but if he manages to win the title next year with Ferrari, that record will cast a shadow over all secondary records. If he overtakes the legend who helped Ferrari return to the top of Formula 1 after a long period of poor results, his place in history is guaranteed.

Of course, with due respect to Schumacher, whose dominance in the early 2000s was one of the most successful eras in the history of sports, Hamilton will prove that he has continuity and will definitely be the most successful ever.

Race winner Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain and Mercedes GP celebrates with fans after the F1 Grand Prix of Great Britain at Sil© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

Hamilton is popular among the people, and he got the most sympathy when he designed the Black Arrow, i.e.

a completely black Mercedes car, in 2020 as a sign of support for the "Black Lives Matter" movement. Together with Bottas, he knelt before every race and wore T-shirts with the names of all the African Americans who lost their lives written on them.

The recent announcement that Hamilton will wear Ferrari's iconic red next season sent shockwaves through social media and the media. The collaboration between these two brands enchanted Formula 1 fans, and the news was among the most read around the world.

In addition to the race for the best with the retired Schumacher, this contract also has significant business implications, perhaps surpassing the importance of success on the track next season. Considering the popularity of the drivers and Ferrari, this is a great marketing move not only for the parties to the contract, but also for the popularity of Formula 1 as a sport.

Sebastian Vettel once stated: "Everyone is a Ferrari fan. Even if they say they aren't, they are a Ferrari fan." Of course, Ferrari gathered many fans in its golden era, the memory is very close and Ferrari is a brand that is synonymous with F1.

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The symbiotic relationship between Ferrari and Formula 1 dates back to the sport's inception in 1950, entwining their destinies for 70 years. Ferrari's founder, Enzo Ferrari, envisioned the creation of the ultimate sports car and, in doing so, inadvertently created a cultural phenomenon that permeated societies around the world.

Ferrari's influence is global and the brand itself has had the most popular sports supercars for several decades. With his seven world championships and eight constructors' championships with Mercedes, Hamilton has already taken his place among the greatest athletes of all time.

However, opinions remain divided as to whether he ranks among F1 legends like Senna or Schumacher. We think this is an ideal opportunity for Hamilton to join the ranks of the legends themselves. What sensation would it be if Hamilton convincingly won the championship next year? That would be a historical moment that separates a legend from an ordinary winner.

Hamilton's influence extends beyond the sporting arena, establishing him as a fashion icon with a distinct sense of style. His presence at prestigious events such as Paris Fashion Week and the Met Gala further cements his reputation.

In particular, it promotes inclusivity and diversity, showcasing designs by artists of color, an attitude that is in keeping with the current zeitgeist. "Some of the collaborations I've done have attracted a lot of attention.

But now others have also opened up a bit, no one comments on what I wear anymore. They just say - It's Luis, but at the beginning there was a lot of criticism. I felt like everyone around Formula 1 wasn't letting me be myself," Hamilton told GQ magazine.

The love for fashion will fit perfectly with the Italian style of the mega popular Ferrari brand and will be a great marketing story with the potential to become part of history. Ferrari has announced an advanced car, although they have always been competitive in that segment with the strongest teams, now they have a living legend of the race tracks behind the wheel.

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