BREAKING!: Hamilton moves to Ferrari!?

Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton (39) plans to end his career at Ferrari, with whom, according to the Spanish AS, he is in the final stages of negotiations

by Sededin Dedovic
BREAKING!: Hamilton moves to Ferrari!?
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The seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton (39) is reportedly in the final stages of negotiations to continue his great career at Ferrari, according to the Spanish publication AS. The iconic driver is set to join the ranks of "The Walking Horse" starting next season, becoming the team's lead driver and potentially replacing Carlos Sainz from the Maranello outfit.

Hamilton's move to Ferrari is a big change in the F1 landscape, with Carlos Sainz likely to be looking for a new team. Charles Leclerc should remain and will be Hamilton's main partner in Ferrari. Hamilton's expected departure from Mercedes to Ferrari is surprising given that he is currently under contract with the German team until 2025.

However, a modern trend in Formula 1 contracts is to include "exit" clauses, which allow drivers to terminate their contracts under certain conditions before they expire . Notable examples include Charles Leclerc's contract with Ferrari and Lando Norris' contract with Mercedes, both of which contain clauses allowing them to part ways if the constructors fail to provide competitive machinery to meet their performance targets.

Hamilton, in a similar contractual situation with Mercedes, has faced challenges over the past two years, lacking the powertrain necessary to challenge for the championship. Consequently, the British driver is seeking an exit from the team he has been faithful to for the last 11 years, achieving unparalleled success with seven championship titles.

A key link in facilitating Hamilton's potential move to Ferrari is Fred Vasseur, the current president of Ferrari. Vasseur, the Scuderia's first operative, previously ran the Formula 2 team for which Hamilton was a promising young talent.

They know each other from before, and probably he influenced this decision. Confirming ongoing negotiations, Vasseur revealed, "I talk to Lewis every week," revealing the intense conversations going on behind the scenes. The strong relationship between Ferrari chairman John Elkann and Hamilton could also influence the legendary driver to don the red racing suit.

Everyone knows that they are friends, and it was speculated before that Hamilton could move to Ferrari for the sake of Elkann. In the coming days, according to Spanish sources, an official announcement is expected that will confirm this bombastic transfer. It looks like we are entering a new era in Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton at the helm of the iconic Ferrari team.

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