Fernando Alonso: I Felt Wasted Being At Home. I Wanted To Be In F1

"I thought my return to F1 was good at the driving level."- Alonso said.

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso: I Felt Wasted Being At Home. I Wanted To Be In F1
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Fernando Alonso, even though he will turn 43 this year, is not thinking about retirement. The brilliant Spaniard intends to remain part of the F1 scene for years ahead. 

Many are surprised where so much energy and motivation comes from in a man who is in his 40s. However, Alonso's love for F1 can hardly be described, at least judging by his performances and statements. 

His contract with Aston Martin should expire this year, but it is obvious that the team leaders intend to offer him a new one. Alonso is ready to accept such a contract, and they will certainly agree on some details that are important for his future.

After resting for three years (2018-2021), Alonso realized that he still has a passion for F1. The experienced F1 driver decided to return to the F1 tracks and start his career again, this time in Alpine. 

In an interview with the media, Alonso emphasized that his ambitions this season and the next are significantly higher than previous ones. Alonso realized that he has the quality to fight with the best of the sport.

"I thought my return to F1 was good at the driving level, because I felt wasted being at home. I wanted to be in F1," Alonso told DAZN, as quoted by racingnews365.

"2023 has been a kind of vindication and in 2024 and 2025 I do see myself with strength, desire, energy and optimism. Then the results always depend a little on you and your rivals."

Aware that it is difficult to predict what will happen in the next season, Alonso is cautious. With the years he spent in this sport, he realized that the predictions are usually wrong. He didn't want to make the same mistake this time. The primary thing for him is to give the maximum and cultivate optimism. The rest will be influenced by many factors.

"You can never promise results, but I do feel a good energy, to continue improving with the team. It is good for motorsport, because F1 is increasing in popularity every year."

The fact is that F1 is improving year after year. The promotion of this sport has paid off over the years. More and more young people are interested in F1 and want to follow this sport.

"We have more and more young people following the sport, the circuits are full, a record calendar and new countries want to join F1."

Fernando Alonso did not want to watch F1 as a spectator. His goal was to come back and show the world that his qualities cannot disappear.

"It seems that everything is like a kind of crest of the wave and I don't want to watch it from the couch.

I don't know if in 2024 I will keep my smile from 2023."

Aston Martin has huge confidence in Alonso. They are proud to have a driver who has the potential to do great things in the 2024 season.

"You always need results. But what I am clear about is that the team is motivated, and hungry for victories.

It is young, there is enthusiasm and a different attitude for racing."

Fernando Alonso talks about 2024

Fernando also recently spoke about his ambitions for the 2024 season and his wishes.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso© Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

In his comments, Alonso talks about how he is always trying to become a better race car driver. He mentions thinking about ways to drive faster and improve his skills constantly. Alonso also discusses the importance of watching past races to learn from different strategies and lines used by other teams and drivers.  Although, as we have already said, he will soon be 43, he never stops learning and always strives to improve as a driver and as a person..

He highlights the curiosity that drivers have to keep getting better, emphasizing the need for an inquisitive mindset to evolve and explore new ways to improve skills and performance. Alonso expresses the idea that learning and improvement in racing are ongoing processes, even for experienced drivers. 

He is a great lesson for young drivers that they should not think that they have finished learning at some point in their career. Even when you are a veteran, you will always have a chance to learn something new and improve. It is also necessary to be open to learning new things in order to really achieve success. Alonso is a person who has always tried to 'catch' knowledge from others.

Lastly, he discusses the significance of staying motivated to embrace lessons learned.  

His motivation at the age of 42 is impressive. He wants to go into this season with even more motivation and make an even better result.

Fernando Alonso