Max Verstappen's Former Trainer Opens Up: 'I Didn't Even Know Who Max Was'

“Before I started working with Max, I didn't really know anything about motorsport and Formula 1. I didn't even know who Max Verstappen was."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen's Former Trainer Opens Up: 'I Didn't Even Know Who Max Was'
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Max Verstappen's departing personal trainer surprised many with his last interview in which he emphasized that he did not know who Max Verstappen was. 

Besides, Bradley Scanes didn't know much about F1 either. 

The two had the opportunity to work together for three years before Bradley Scanes decided to end his adventure at Red Bull at the end of the previous season. 

However, he remained impressed by Max Verstappen and his qualities. Scanes admitted that he didn't even know who Verstappen was when he joined the team. Still, he wanted to know more about the F1 world, so he decided to google everything. Over time, Bradley learned many things.

“Before I started working with Max, I didn't really know anything about motorsport and Formula 1. I didn't even know who Max Verstappen was,” Scanes told The Red Flags podcast, as quoted by

The moment he arrived at Red Bull, he only knew that Lewis Hamilton was a dominant figure in the F1 world. What he may not have expected; He became part of the team that dethroned Hamilton. After that, Verstappen achieved absolute dominance and won three championships in a row. The Dutchman showed everyone that the stories about his talent were not there without reason.

"I googled a lot to read myself in, to keep track of everything. I knew Hamilton was successful, but that was about all. The first F1 race I watched was in the Red Bull garage with the mechanics."

In December 2019, he had the opportunity to meet Max Verstappen and write history together with him and the rest of the team.

"In December 2019, I met Max and in the second week of January, I started working with him. In the meantime, all of December, I watched and read everything loose and loose about F1. Everything I could think of.”

Scanes revealed what is crucial to achieving great cooperation with Verstappen. The young Dutchman is known as an honest person, full of passion for F1. He is also a perfectionist and wants respect from the rest of the team. On the other hand, he is also the one who shows respect to everyone and expects mutual respect.

“Being easygoing, being honest and direct, being trustworthy, being loyal,” Scanes said.

"That defines the Verstappens and the group around them. Everyone says the Dutch are very direct, but in top sports, you have to be open, you have to be honest with each other there. So I was already used to that.”

Verstappen impressed many with his performances in previous seasons. One of those who is particularly impressed by Verstappen's performances is Ex-Mercedes CEO Nick Fry. He does not doubt that Verstappen is currently the best driver. Max's adaptability is the thing that particularly impresses him.

“Unfortunately, I would have to say that Verstappen is showing that he is the best driver at the moment, and I don't think it would matter much. It could even play into his hands, because he’s shown he's good enough to be very adaptable and would probably drive any of the cars better than his competitors."- Fry told OLBG.

Nick Fry on Red Bull's car and Max Verstappen

Although many emphasize that Max achieved dominance purely because of the Red Bull car, Fry does not share his opinion. He believes that Verstappen's dominance is primarily due to the quality he possesses and that regardless of the car, Verstappen would be equally dominant. When you possess such qualities, the competition is certainly afraid of you.

Nick Fry
Nick Fry© Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

“I heard someone say once "If you can drive, you can drive anything". I don't think it would matter if you put Max in a *box or a Red Bull car, he'd probably still beat the rest of them. He's very adaptable. I don't think it would change much, sadly."

However, he did not want to deny that Red Bull has a dominant car, which made Max Verstappen's job easier.

“If you started Max at the back of the grid, he'd still do better than most, but perhaps he wouldn't win. A lot of it is due to the car. Red Bull has the best driver and the best car.”

The 67-year-old believes that the idea of having a one-off race with all drivers in identical cars, suggested by Johnny Herbert, is a good one in theory but faces practical challenges.

Fry talked about the appeal of the idea but pointed out that putting it into practice is not straightforward. He explains that such proposals have been considered in the past, but the main difficulty arises from the close connection between sponsorships and individual drivers and their cars.  Fans of this sport also think that it would be a great option and idea.

However, there are many obstacles to this at the moment.

According to Fry, the challenge lies in dealing with the complexities of sponsorships, which are closely tied to specific drivers and their cars, making it difficult to implement the suggested concept.

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