Lando Norris Signs New McLaren Deal: Aiming for Grand Prix Glory by 2026

McLaren driver Lando Norris has signed a new contract with McLaren - which will be valid until 2027, with the desire to be on the right track by then to achieve his dream and become world champion

by Sededin Dedovic
Lando Norris Signs New McLaren Deal: Aiming for Grand Prix Glory by 2026
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McLaren rising star Lando Norris has signed a new deal with the team, aiming to secure his first Grand Prix win by 2026 before chasing his ultimate world championship dream in an exciting new era of Formula 1. The Briton, who finished sixth in the 2023 championship, believes that while the taste of victory is within reach in the next few years, the real cost to the title will come with significant regulation changes that will debut in 2026.

"Last season we had moments where we were incredibly close to winning," Norris said. "Red Bull may have had the most dominant car, but we weren't that far behind. To win the race, we were never closer. " However, he acknowledges the difficulties of a full championship fight at this stage.

"We haven't been consistently competing at the very top for a while and the team hasn't been quite up to par in terms of car development, this adds pressure of course, but also a lot of excitement." Norris finished the 2023 season with 205 points, a significant jump from his previous best, but still very very far from Max Verstappen's 575 championship points.

"Next year, I think we can definitely win the race," he declared. "But the fight for the championship is, realistically, a step too far at this point. We have to build a solid foundation first, both for me and for the team."

George Russell of Great Britain and Mercedes, Lando Norris of Great Britain and McLaren and Max Verstappen of the Netherlands an© Clive Rose / Getty Images

We have to admit that this measured approach shows maturity even though he is only 24 years old.

He understands the competition, the current situation. Mclaren announced a new, better model, but it has been proven countless times that it is important who is behind the wheel, not what is under the hood. Although of course the capabilities of the car have an impact, it is not decisive.
With testing in Bahrain just a few weeks away, the 2024 season promises to be more intense with plenty of new stuff in F1.

A record 24 races await us, pushing both drivers and teams to their limits. Within this exhausting schedule, anything can happen, and we will see how the undisputed champion Verstappen will "do" this busy schedule that he has already complained about.

With his talent and unwavering ambition, Norris could find himself at the helm of this new chapter, chasing his ultimate dream of a world title. If they start well at the beginning of the season, it wouldn't surprise us if they finish 2nd or 3rd this season.

He himself said that he will probably wait until 2026 for the title, and then he will rely on the new rules, which will represent a significant turning point in this sport. Two years ago, the World Motorsport Council approved the rules for the new generation of power units for 2026, which is a prerequisite for the entry of new manufacturers such as Porsche and Audi, as well as changes to the rules regarding aerodynamics and safety.

After several years of discussions and proposals, the FIA finally announced that a new set of rules for power units has been approved and that, as expected, there will be a greater share of electric power than before. Four main factors of the new rules for power units 1.

The new power units will have similar performance to the current ones. The cars will have about 1000 hp in total. To disappear unchanged with the fact that it will also retain the V6 turbo engine. The main change is that the share of electric power will be much higher, even 350 kW instead of the current 120 kW 2.

Environmental sustainability will play an important role as the share of electric power will be increased to 50%, and 100% sustainable fuel will be used. A great move by Formula 1 that will encourage even car lovers to do this.

3. Financial sustainability – costs will be lower than current, while maintaining the technological excellence that is the core of Formula 1 4. Attractiveness to new manufacturers - the rules are designed to make it possible for new manufacturers to join and be competitive.
One of the conditions for the entry of new manufacturers agreed to the current manufacturers is the rejection of the complex MGU-H, heat engine-generator unit, which is also confirmed by the new set of rules.

F1 will press the nitrous oxide button. New manufacturers, greener engines and action-packed races - the future of motorsport looks electrified. This set of rules will provide an opportunity for younger drivers to reach the point, and hardly anyone will be able to dominate with huge points differences.

Lando Norris understood this well and that's why he said he's waiting for 2026 for the title. However, the 2024 season is just starting and it could be a great opportunity for him to make a breakthrough and get closer to that "championship" season.championship" season.

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