Lando Norris had talks with other teams before extending his contract

“There’s always discussions, every now and then."- Norris said.

by Sead Dedovic
Lando Norris had talks with other teams before extending his contract
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Lando Norris extended his contract with McLaren a few days ago. The brilliant F1 driver revealed that he had several offers from other teams, but never entered into 'deeper' talks. The fact is that when you are such a great driver, you will have many offers. Some are hard to refuse, but Norris is one of the most loyal drivers, which he showed by extending his contract. Norris has extended his loyalty to McLaren until 2028 or 2029, at least such are the predictions. 

In an interview with the media, Lando admitted that there were discussions with other teams. However, he was firmly convinced that he wanted to continue his adventure in McLaren and show the leaders of this team that he trusted them. Trust is mutual!

“There’s always discussions, every now and then.

I’m not going to lie and say ‘no!’ There are always little discussions.

You talk to people and say ‘what could you offer’ kind of thing. But it never went further than that.

There have always been things in the media, and stories written. It’s not the best thing for everyone here at the factory.

If you’re working away making a part for my car, and you see ‘Norris has links to here or there’ it’s not the best thing to see."- Norris said, as quoted by

Lando Norris wanted to make sure that everyone on the team knew he was staying. By signing the contract extension now, it stops people from guessing or talking about whether he might leave McLaren. This helps the team focus better on their work without any unnecessary distractions or rumors about Norris going to another team. 

Lando Norris explained why he chose to stick with McLaren when asked about the possibility of joining Red Bull. He mentioned how McLaren had greatly improved from the middle of the previous year. Norris felt such progress and believes that this season there is even more room for improvement. These are chances that Lando does not want to miss.

He said, "We're talking about a car that's not only the most competitive but also the most successful in Formula 1 history over a season – and that includes the driver's role too."

Lando Norris reveals his reasons for extending his contract

The leaders of this team know very well that without Norris they hardly have a chance to make a breakthrough and achieve success. Moreover, Norris has been a part of this team for a long time, and his experience could be an important link in the upcoming season. Verstappen's dominance frustrates all teams, but still, no one has a recipe to stop him. McLaren was the closest. Fans of this sport are asking the question: Does McLaren have the capacity to fight with Red Bull next season?!

Max Verstappen and Lando Norris
Max Verstappen and Lando Norris© Peter Fox/Getty Images Sport

Norris pointed out the impressive progress McLaren made during the season, going from not earning points in almost every race to becoming the closest team, on average, to the most successful car in Formula 1 history.

This convinced him and the whole McLaren team that they could compete with the top teams. Norris expressed his desire to be part of McLaren's journey, helping to turn the team around. 

McLaren is a team with a large fan base, and this is a momentum they must take advantage of, at least that's what F1 experts are talking about. Norris' decision to extend his contract will be an additional motivation for the leaders of this team to beat their competition and make a breakthrough. McLaren leaders have many plans for the next period, all to establish dominance and try to surprise the F1 world!

While stressing the attractiveness of other opportunities, Norris highlighted his happiness with McLaren. He believes that to pursue a World Championship, you need to be content and comfortable with your team. Therefore, his decision to stay with McLaren shows his satisfaction with the team and his commitment to creating a unique story with them.

Norris is one of the most promising drivers in F1. He just might be someone who can stop Max from re-establishing dominance.

McLaren CEO, Zak Brown, is delighted with Lando Norris and his progress. The contract extension will be a new career step for Norris and an opportunity to successfully continue to achieve common goals at McLaren.  Brown has no doubt that Norris has the capacity for great things.

“He has shown fantastic commitment and desire to push the team forward,” Brown said. “Last season we saw the fundamental role Lando played with the impressive turnaround in results and I'm looking forward to continuing this push forward together with lots more podiums.”

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