Tsunoda could ‘shock some people’ next year

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Tsunoda could ‘shock some people’ next year

Yuki Tsunoda will very quickly catch up with teammate Pierre Gasly in his debut F1 season of 2021, according to his former F2 team boss Trevor Carlin. Tsunoda finished third in the drivers ’standings in his first F2 season and earned a promotion to the AlphaTauri F1 team, and Kvyat will take a break from Formula 1 for at least a year after being overshadowed by Gasly this season.

Carlin F2 team boss Trevor Carlin is full of praise for his former driver Tsunoda and believes he can leave a strong impression in the first season, much like Norris at McLaren in 2019 when he was very evenly matched with the much more experienced Sainz.

“We only had him one season and he did everything we expected, and more than that,” Carlin said. “Time will tell where it will end, but I think it has an exciting future ahead of it until it is too overwhelmed by the impressions of the F1 environment.

I don't see a reason why he couldn't do what Lando did. " "And who knows, maybe he has a little Max in him." "The speed with which he learns and understands the car has a natural ability, so it's about adapting that ability to every championship."

"If he manages in F1 as fast as he did in F2 then he will bother Pierre well when they return to Europe [after Australia, Bahrain, and China]." Norris finished second in Formula 2 in 2018 behind champion Russell, and Albon finished third - in 2019, all three finished in Formula 1 and did not disappoint with performance and adaptation to faster cars.

Carlin believes Tsunoda can do the same.

Carlin believes in Tsonoda's abilities and says that he is a driver who learns quickly and has no doubt that in a few years he will be one of the better drivers. Of course, this is the experience he currently lacks, but in time he will gain the experience he lacks "I have absolutely no doubts.

He lacks experience compared to Landa, but his general speed and understanding of driving a race car are there. He's ready, that's for sure. " “The thing is, Yuki is learning so fast. In Formula 1, you actually have a lot more training than in F2, which will help him. ” "I expect a few incidents in the first few races, but when that passes I think it will shock some people.