Sergio Perez Reflects on 2023: A Season of Highs and Lows

“We started the year very high, tied with Max, but we were not able to progress throughout the season."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez Reflects on 2023: A Season of Highs and Lows
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Sergio Perez did not have a great season behind him, and there were doubts whether he would even sit behind the wheel of Red Bull this year. The Mexican was not at his level, and the great performances of Max Verstappen only spoiled the impression even more. 

Perez didn't have the quality to fight with his teammate, who had left the competition far behind. Red Bull executives had mixed statements. 

While in one moment they would support Perez and emphasize that they believe in him, in the next moment it looked as if they had no faith in him. 

Helmut Marko and Christian Horner had interesting statements regarding the Mexican. However, his staying on the team speaks volumes about their attitude towards Perez. 

The experienced Marko emphasized that Perez must show much more this season if he wants to remain part of the team. 

Although this created pressure on Perez, it is logically the only way for this great driver to be a part of this team in the future. Sergio Perez spoke to the media about his ambitions for 2024. His primary goal is to be consistent and make progress.

He is aware that this could be the last chance for him to show his quality in Red Bull and thus secure a place in the team for the following seasons as well. Considering all the obstacles he had in his career and the challenges he faced, Sergio has the potential to do great things. The most important thing is to stay mentally strong and focused. This is what he lacked in previous seasons.

“I want to be able to achieve regularity, to build momentum. I think what we missed this year is progression."- he said, as reported by French weekly AutoHebdo, as quoted by

He started the last season furiously. Two wins in the first four races gave rise to optimism that the race for the title could be exciting. However, from race to race, things got worse for him. This season, he wants to progress from race to race, and not to make identical mistakes from the past. Repeating the same mistakes means that you have not learned from the previous ones. Perez had a chance to understand where he's going wrong, and this season will be a great chance to correct his mistakes.

“We started the year very high, tied with Max, but we were not able to progress throughout the season. We have sometimes even regressed.

So I think that will be my main priority: to be able to progress throughout the season, whatever my starting point. It is important that, weekend after weekend, we continue to evolve and improve.”

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen© Peter Fox / Getty Images Sport

The Mexican is not satisfied with the team's progress after the first races of the season. It is precisely on this aspect that Sergio Perez wants to work.

“I had a few bad weekends. We started the year very strong in the first five or six races, but then we couldn’t progress with the car.

This is something I missed and want to massively improve."

Sergio Perez: The mistakes I made taught me a lesson

As we have already emphasized, Perez had a chance to learn from his mistakes. He is optimistic that things will be much better next season. His experience could also be crucial in the coming season. Regardless of the pressure he feels, and the statements made by the leader of this team, Perez is well aware of the situation on the F1 scene and is aware that he has the qualities for great things. No one doubts that 2024 could be one of the better seasons for this driver, who has shown his qualities countless times in the past.

The problems we had this year gave me a better understanding of what I was doing with the settings, how I was setting the car up, what direction I should go when I had problems.

So this is something that will definitely make us stronger next year.”

Red Bull enters 2024 with equally big ambitions. Dominantly winning the championship is the reason why fans of this team expect the same success this year. Identically winning the championship will be a difficult mission, according to many, impossible. Other teams have taken their task more seriously, and they don't want to let a team like Red Bull get so far behind them. Max Verstappen is aware of this.

If we take the fact that Max Verstappen has confidence like never before, and that Perez has had the opportunity to learn a lot from his mistakes, there is still reason for other teams to feel the fear about the Red Bull.

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