Lewis Hamilton praises Max Verstappen's success and offers advice for him

“Max is doing great,” -Lewis Hamilton said

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton praises Max Verstappen's success and offers advice for him
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Last season, Max Verstappen surprised the F1 world with absolute dominance and winning the championship. The way he raced, his confidence and motivation really impressed everyone. From the first days of his career, the Dutchman showed that he has the potential to become a champion, and few expected that he could reach such heights. However, Max does not intend to stop there! And in the following seasons, his motive is to repeat the same. Although some are not optimistic that Red Bull can repeat the same success, what they show season after season gives faith that nothing is impossible for them. The fact is that other teams have more motivation at this moment, and they want to remove them from the top as soon as possible. Looking at the statements of the heads of other teams, one can feel how much effort and work there is within the team, all intending to remove Red Bull from the throne and bring new teams to the throne. Lewis Hamilton's team, Mercedes, wants to silence the critics and make a breakthrough this season. In an interview with the media, the Brit talked about Mercedes' ambitions, plans, and previous seasons. At the very start, he had words of praise for his colleague, Max Verstappen.

“Max is doing great,” Hamilton said to Formule 1.nl Magazine, as reported by total-motorsport.com

Hamilton even had advice for Max, after the Dutchman won three titles in a row.

“I would say, ‘keep doing what you’re doing’. He’s doing great,” Hamilton continued.

Mercedes is doing everything they can to give Hamilton a car with which he can go for his eighth title. Although it will be a really difficult task, the leaders of Mercedes have optimism and hope that it is still possible to achieve such success. Fans of this sport, at least the majority, believe that if Lewis wins the eighth title, it will mean the end of him in F1. However, the Briton has no intention of retiring if he succeeds in achieving his goal. He was never sure about his future and career, and this time too.

“I never said that an eighth title would be the end point. And I don’t know what follows after driving in Formula 1. I don’t necessarily feel the desire to remain active in Formula 1 any longer, but as I said before: never say ‘never’.”

Lewis Hamilton talks about his colleagues

Hamilton, Alonso, and Verstappen are the only drivers at the moment who have managed to win the championship. All three have built great careers, and from the first day, they had a huge motive. Hamilton believes that they are not the only ones who are maximally motivated to achieve success, but also all those who are part of this sport, even F2, and F3. Each of them is shaped in different ways. Each of them has a special experience and different conditions. However, each of them has one thing in common: Hunger for success! Hamilton is one of those who has always felt the greatest hunger for success, which his feats in his career show.

Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso
Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Fernando Alonso© Quinn Rooney / Getty Images Sport

“I think that not only we, but all drivers in Formula 1, are extremely driven. Just for different reasons: different upbringings, different opportunities, different challenges. But I see many similarities with all these drivers and also with younger drivers from Formula 2 and Formula 3, for example."

The Briton singles out one common thing that he, Alonso, and Verstappen have. This common thing could be noticed in the seasons behind us. Hamilton emphasized that the three of them do not hang out outside of F1 tracks, so he cannot say much about their human qualities. However, when it comes to driver qualities, we don't have to waste many words talking about this trio.

“I think Max and Fernando have one thing in common with me: we are all extremely competitive. We go to great lengths to achieve what we want. I can’t say much about what they are like as a person. I only know them from the Formula 1 world, it is not the case that I visit them.”

Toto Wolff did not want to talk much about the season ahead. In the previous seasons, there was huge optimism, but it turned out that this optimism did not have a great foundation. Therefore, Wolff and the rest of the Mercedes team want to be more careful this time. Although they are happy with the progress they have made, there is still a certain amount of caution.

Red Bull and Verstappen want to repeat the same, but they also fear other teams and their progress.

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