Madrid Grand Prix: Alonso's Last Dance in F1?

A new race on the Formula 1 calendar from 2026 in Madrid could significantly affect Fernando Alonso's retirement plans

by Sededin Dedovic
Madrid Grand Prix: Alonso's Last Dance in F1?
© Chris Graythen / Getty Images

The prospects for the 2026 Madrid Grand Prix are causing more than excitement in motorsport, and this will please the eternal Formula 1 warrior Fernando Alonso the most. Turning 43 in July, Alonso is not your typical Formula 1 driver.

He is a veteran, a two-time world champion, a legend who has defied the ages. But even for him, time is ticking mercilessly. The announcement of a home race in Madrid, however, could change his retirement plans. "I'll be happy to race in Barcelona as well as Madrid, provided I'm in the wagon in 2026," Alonso said.

The new Spanish Grand Prix in Madrid would be the perfect opportunity to make his name in history once again on Spanish soil, and his races in his homeland have been incredible to say the least. Stefano Domenicali, F1 chief executive, recalled Alonso's 2012 Valencia triumph.

"Can you imagine the triumph of Fernando in Madrid? I think that scenario would be incredible." However, the road to Madrid is still long and winding. Alonso's contract with Aston Martin expired on 31.12. 2023, and now there is no official information on the extension of the contract, although Aston Martin has repeated several times that it will extend the contract with the experienced driver.

Experience breeds wisdom, but Alonso's physical reflexes may not be as quick as they once were. However, Alonso has defied these doubts before, and the positive results will certainly not be a surprise. Fernando Alonso had a solid season in 2023, finishing 10th overall in the drivers' standings.

He finished in the points eight times, and his best finish was sixth at the Canadian Grand Prix. Alonso also took two victories in qualifying, at the Austrian Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix. It was his first qualifying win since 2013.

Pushing boundaries, defying expectations and writing your own narrative. The Madrid Grand Prix could just be the last chapter in this epic saga, an opportunity for the Asturian hero to once again delight the fans in his homeland.

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