Bernie Ecclestone Predicts: Oscar Piastri, the Future F1 Champion


Bernie Ecclestone Predicts: Oscar Piastri, the Future F1 Champion
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The F1 scene has seen a lot of changes in the last few years. However, what has always remained the same is the fact that F1 has always had a large number of talents, and it still does. Year after year, we witness the emergence of new talents who are ready to break through and build a great career. Oscar Piastri is one of the last in line. Although he is 22 years old, the Australian driver impressed everyone with his performances in McLaren. Many predict a great career for him and believe that Piastri will become a champion in the future. Bernie Ecclestone is one of those who spoke about Piastri during the Formula For Success podcast.

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Bernie immediately emphasized that Piastri is the driver who impressed him the most.

“Young Australian Oscar Piastri, at 22 years old, impresses me the most. He will surely be a champion.”- Ecclestone said, as reported by

Bernie Ecclestone on Oscar Piastri's qualities

Ecclestone praised Piastri's excellent qualifying performances and consistent, mistake-free driving. Although Piastri has impressed Ecclestone, he also mentioned that the Australian driver may need to further develop his racing skills.  The fact that he is only 22 years old shows that he has enough room for progress. No one doubts that Piastri will improve a lot in the future, and become a driver for whom everyone will respect, even though the situation is like that at the moment.

Ecclestone expressed optimism about McLaren's future and hinted that they could be strong contenders, with Piastri playing a crucial role. 

On the topic of another McLaren driver, Lando Norris, Ecclestone talked about Norris as an exceptional racer but suggested that finding a balance in his aggressive qualifying approach would be important to challenge Max Verstappen in ideal car conditions.

Norris will try to fight for the very top this season.

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