McLaren wants a good cooperation between Sainz and Ricciard

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McLaren wants a good cooperation between Sainz and Ricciard

Carlos Sainz Jr. and Lando Norris spent two seasons as teammates at McLaren and developed a great relationship and collaboration during that period. We often witness the creation of rivalry, sometimes intolerance among the drivers of a team, but the case of Sainz and Norris was the complete opposite.

Their good relationship contributed to the great atmosphere within the team, and that was certainly reflected in the results. Fourth place in the constructors ’standings in 2019 and even more steps this year, it’s a big leap for a team that was in big trouble just a few years ago.

McLaren racing director Andrea Stella spoke about the importance of good cooperation between the two drivers: “Carlos and Lando were great this year, and the level of cooperation between the two was incredibly high.

That's one of the reasons why they were so even on the track. " It seems that their partnership was one of the best and that is probably the reason for their results. If there is a strong partnership, it is much easier to reach a certain goal


“When there is an open and transparent conversation between teammates, their performances improve because they can check with each other what the weak points of the car are or find the best approach to a bend.

This was possible due to the personal qualities of Carlos and Land, and the environment we have created within the team encourages honesty and trust. ” "Drivers then find it easier to open their secret box, instead of keeping it closed so as not to reveal any advantage to their teammate."

But at McLaren, they now have to find a way to maintain a similar relationship when a new driver joins the team. Sainz has already gone the way of Maranello, and Daniel Ricciardo is coming in his place from Renault. Now they both need to be aware of how important their collaboration and cooperation is for this and only by working together can they achieve identical successes as was the case in previous seasons.

If there is a conflict between the drivers, it can be easily noticed "He has proven to be one of the best. The most important thing is, from my point of view, to keep the conditions we have created by allowing a high level of cooperation between Carlos and Land.

But it’s not just up to maintaining those conditions, we may have to adjust them. Daniel is not Carlos and his relationship with Land will be different. ” “It may be similar, but it won’t be the same and we have to keep that in mind so we can adjust to keep the standards set,” Stella said.