AlphaTauri team manager: Lewis Hamilton is not the nerd like Max Verstappen

“Max is the best thing that has happened to Formula 1,” Watson said.

by Sead Dedovic
AlphaTauri team manager: Lewis Hamilton is not the nerd like Max Verstappen
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Many people are impressed by Max Verstappen and what he's been doing in Formula 1, especially in 2023. Right now, he's considered the best driver, and it's expected that he'll continue to do well this season. He showed his talent early on in Alpha Tauri and proved it even more in his first season with Red Bull.

Graham Watson, the manager at AlphaTauri, thinks Verstappen is a great addition to Formula 1. Some thought no one could challenge Lewis Hamilton's success, but looking at the history of the sport, it was likely that a new driver would come along and break that dominance. It turned out to be Max Verstappen

Watson compared him to probably the greatest of this sport: Michael Schumacher. When people compare you to such a name, then it is undeniable that you possess a quality that is rarely seen.

Graham Watson
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Max is the best thing that has happened to Formula 1,” Watson told, as quoted by

“When Max went from us to Red Bull, I compared it to Michael Schumacher’s move to Ferrari. He made Formula 1 immensely popular at the time. Just look at the old images of Hockenheim and Spa: the stands were full with Schumacher flags."

Max Verstappen has gained enormous fame in a short period. F1 fans were tired of Lewis Hamilton's dominance, and they hoped that someone would appear to stop his dominance. In addition to his driving qualities, fans are impressed by Max Verstappen's maturity and focus. Verstappen is a man with a special mentality. In some moments, it seems as if he has the feeling that he is invincible. This mentality was developed by his father, Jos Verstappen. From early childhood, Jos instilled a winning mentality in Max. Years later, it was shown how great a mentor his father was, and that he somehow managed to 'create' a winner.

“I think Max single-handedly saved Formula 1. Because he brings the same intensity and generates interest. People come en masse to Austria, Spa, actually everywhere for him. I didn’t even see that back in Schumacher’s time. My wife is 60 years old, but a big fan of Max. Because of his style, because of the excitement he creates on track.”

Graham Watson on Max Verstappen's influence

Graham Watson said that Max Verstappen is attracting new fans to Formula 1. He thinks Lewis Hamilton, although very talented, is involved in many things outside of racing. This makes some people wonder if he is more than just a Formula 1 driver because of all his other interests.  The two are completely different characters and have completely different interests. However, one thing unites them: Love for F1.

It is also interesting to listen to Max Vertsappen's interviews, in which he emphasized many times that he does not plan to have a long career as an individual. Fernando Alonso is one such example. However, Verstappen has a completely different vision of his future. It seems that the Dutchman has some other plans in the game.

Verstappen is a driver who, in addition to his talent, works exceptionally hard. It is incredible how much passion and desire he brings to his races, consistently striving to improve. His progress is evident year after year. When you experience such growth and find yourself dominating your competition, your confidence naturally increases. Max competes with growing confidence each season. This heightened confidence makes him more formidable for his opponents and paves the way for even greater success.

“Lewis Hamilton is a brand, Max Verstappen is a Formula 1 driver. And that won’t change. I’m not saying that what Hamilton is doing is wrong, but he’s not the nerd like Max. When guys like that are not in the car, they’re in the simulator or in a kart. They’re always trying to improve themselves.”

This season will be particularly interesting, considering that many expect that Max could repeat the successes from last season. Red Bull executives are not so optimistic and believe that it will be difficult, almost impossible, to repeat the same success. However, when we look at Max Verstappen and his commitment, it seems that nothing is impossible. Many F1 teams have emphasized that they are working hard before the start of the new season, and are striving to make progress like never before. Fans love competitiveness, and they hope that the new year can bring a more even fight to win the championship.

Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes hope to be much closer to winning the championship this year. They are much more cautious than before and do not want to make any predictions about their chances in 2024.

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