F1 pundit gives predictions about Lewis Hamilton's chances for his 8th title

"The trouble is, I think that Mercedes have been a bit on the back foot with changing the direction of their concept."

by Sead Dedovic
F1 pundit gives predictions about Lewis Hamilton's chances for his 8th title
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Predictions have already begun regarding the next season and the potential progress of Red Bull. Many expect this great F1 team to repeat the great things from previous seasons and make even greater success. Christian Horner and the rest of the Red Bull team are cautious, and they believe that such statements only create even more pressure on the team. However, no one doubts that the Red Bull leaders and the rest of the team have confidence and that they believe in success in 2024. On the other hand, some believe, or at least hope, that Mercedes could make a breakthrough this season and win the championship. Whether or not this is realistic to expect is not important at this point. Fans of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes hope that Hamilton could finally win the 8th title and show his greatness once again. Many experts from F1 gave the world their opinion regarding this outcome. Sky Sports F1 pundit Pinkham is one of those who seems not particularly optimistic that Lewis can surprise everyone.

"I think he'll be driving until he's 50," she said, as quoted by MIRROR

Although Mercedes certainly has the potential to be at the very top, their ambitions have always been to win the championship. However, when you have Red Bull in your competition, it is very difficult to achieve such a goal. It was possible to notice how much the leaders of Mercedes have been doing their best lately to correct the mistakes of the past and finally move toward the top. Sometimes it can be difficult to get back on the winning track if you are constantly falling behind. However, what saves them at this moment is optimism and the hope that they can fight with Red Bull.

"The trouble is, I think that Mercedes have been a bit on the back foot with changing the direction of their concept. And I think it takes a regulation change maybe for them to come back to the fore.

But, look, we say, 'Well, they were miles off', [but] he still finished third in the [2023] championship and Mercedes finished second, so not necessarily as far off, but they just didn't look like challenging for a win."

Toto Wolff consistently expresses his belief in both himself and Lewis Hamilton, emphasizing Hamilton's capability to achieve good results. The crucial factor for Hamilton now is the support he receives from Wolff and the Mercedes team, especially after a few challenging seasons. Wolff confirmed their hard work on the new car, aiming to give Hamilton a chance at winning an eighth title. In contrast to past seasons, Wolff is now more cautious and avoids being overly optimistic. This change is a response to previous situations where their optimism did not align with the actual outcomes.

"There is a reason Lewis is a seven-time world champion, and has broken all the records... his ability is on a different level.

If we are able to give him a car that he actually feels, that drives in a way that he can trust, he will be on the level that's needed to win the championship. 39 is no age."

Toto Wolff on McLaren: We saw last year with McLaren, what a huge step they made

Wolff singled out McLaren as one of the teams that surprised everyone last season. It was the leaders of McLaren who emphasized that optimism is the most important thing. He is sure that Mercedes has quality drivers who, if they are provided with a great car, can try to fight for the title.

"Always believe it's possible. You cannot start the season with an attitude of, 'This is not going to be possible'. We saw last year with McLaren, what a huge step they made with a single upgrade. We've signed a two-year deal with Lewis, and we owe it to him, to George [Russell] and to all the team to give it our full attention in 2024 and 2025. I think it's possible."

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton
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The future will best show which team could dominate, and who will be the biggest surprise in 2024. Uncertainty is what has always made F1 fans happy. Last season did not bring what many expected. Right from the start, it was clear that Red Bull would win the championship. F1 fans are hoping that things will be completely different this year. Watching one team dominate from start to finish is not something many look forward to.

Max Verstappen is the driver most feared by his opponents. Although he won three championships in a row, his goal is to repeat the same. He is currently unstoppable, and we will see how long his dominance will last. 

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