Gerhard Berger reveals what particularly impresses him about Max Verstappen


Gerhard Berger reveals what particularly impresses him about Max Verstappen
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There are high expectations from Max Verstappen next season as well, given the standard he has set. Although it is extremely difficult to repeat the season he had, there is optimism that the Dutchman can be at least approximately as good. Gerhard Berger is one of those who is delighted with the progress of Max and his qualities. What particularly impresses him is the fact that Max rarely makes a mistake.

“The Verstappen and Red Bull pairing are very strong, the team is stable, everyone in the team is confident and the regulations have not changed.

Good reasons to consider Max still the favourite in the World Championship. The most impressive thing, in addition to his hunger for victories, is the fact that he never makes mistakes.". Gerhard said, as quoted by

Gerhard Berger on Max Verstappen

Gerhard Berger had lots of good things to say about Max Verstappen. Despite being young, Verstappen impressed Berger with his maturity and experience in handling different aspects of racing. Berger liked how Verstappen manages things like strategies and media while keeping a low profile, meaning not being too showy.  Max showed his maturity a long time ago. From the first day of his arrival on the big scene, it was clear that he was a driver who could cause problems for everyone in the future.

Berger also pointed out that Verstappen's training with both karting and simulators is unique and has made him a really good driver. Verstappen's parents, who used to be race drivers, also played a big role in teaching him important skills. It is known how important Jos was in his development and the fact that he became the driver he is today.

While Red Bull's dominance made Verstappen's racing life easier, Berger expects things to get tougher in 2024 with stronger competition from Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes. This means Verstappen will face new challenges on the track. Some of the teams have already announced that they plan to make a breakthrough in the season ahead. It will be very difficult to repeat such a successful season in tough competition, but looking at Max, nothing is impossible.

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