Guenther Steiner explains why he parted ways with the Haas team

“F1 has changed a lot in the last 10 years, especially after the Covid period."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Guenther Steiner explains why he parted ways with the Haas team
© Dan Istitene / Getty Images Sport

After the Haas team decided to say goodbye to Guenther Steiner, many were surprised. The man who was the engine of the team, and who spent 10 years, no longer had the trust of the head of this F1 team. Steiner realized that he had to find happiness elsewhere. Although many believed that Steiner had a promising future with this team, it turned out that the poor results changed the opinion of the main man of the Haas team, Gene. In an interview with the media, Guenther referred to the termination of cooperation with the Haas team and emphasized that he understands the decision of the team leader.

It was a bit of a surprise. Gene felt that is the way he wants to take the team forward. It’s his decision, not my one. He owns the place and if you own something, you have got the right to do what you want."- Steiner said, as quoted by

Steiner also spoke about the progress of F1, which is especially visible after the COVID period. Many teams decided to invest huge money and progress. Sometimes in such competition, it is very difficult to make progress and achieve your goals. It was the Haas team that knew it had to do more. However, they did not succeed in their plans.

“F1 has changed a lot in the last 10 years, especially after the Covid period – how much it grew, how much bigger it got and how different it got with the budget cap.

If you look at all the other teams, they are all gearing up. They started to gear up two years ago, some last year, so everybody is getting stronger and investing a lot in the future.”- he continued.

Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner© Dan Istitene / Getty Images Sport

Steiner had been leading the team since it started in 2014 but learned about his departure between Christmas and New Year after a call with Haas. Ayao Komatsu took over as the new team principal right away. Steiner expressed feeling disappointed about not having the chance to personally thank and say goodbye to the Haas staff. Steiner dedicated an impressive 10 years to leading the team, and during his time, it seemed like the team was doing really well under his guidance

He mentioned feeling sad about not being able to express gratitude when leaving Haas. He wanted to thank all the team members and the fans who supported them during his time there. Not being able to say goodbye was tough for him. Despite this, Steiner stressed the team's small-scale operations, often fueled by adrenaline, and commended them for their great job. 

Many are wondering what the future of this team will look like now that Steiner is gone. It is really difficult to predict what the future holds and how things will look in the coming period. The Haas team has to do more, and the boss of this team is ready to invest huge money for this team to progress and compete for the upper part of the table. Things are interesting at the moment, and the future of this motorsport could bring much excitement.

Gene Haas on his decision: Steiner is not the main culprit

Explaining his decision, Gene Haas emphasized that the decision was made based on performance. The Haas team has not had particularly great performances lately, and the boss of this team realized that it was necessary to make some changes. However, many are surprised that the first change was to part with Steiner.

In addition, Gene emphasized that Steiner is not at all the main culprit for this team's poor performances. However, if they want the team to move in the right direction and achieve their goals, Steiner's departure will be one of the first steps.

There are great expectations from Ayao. It is expected that he can be the man to help Haas to impress in the seasons ahead. This will be just one of the changes. Several other plans are in play, all to make Haas a respectable team.

"Ayao is very technical, he looks at things based on statistics - this is what we're doing bad, where we can do better. It's a different approach.

We really do need something different because we weren't really doing that well. Like I said, it all comes down to eight years in, dead last. Nothing more I can say on that."

Ayao is a man with experience who can really make changes with his appearance and influence Haas to become a team that many will not recognize.  We are looking forward to the start of the next season, as we could see many surprises. Red Bull will still be the main favorite to win.