Sergio Perez on the Qatar race: I thought I can't be this bad

"I needed to understand a lot of things that we were doing and to go into a lot of detail."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez on the Qatar race: I thought I can't be this bad
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Sergio Perez cannot be satisfied with the season behind him, given that he could have achieved much more. The Mexican had problems, especially in the second part of the season. Although he ultimately finished second, his results were far from Red Bull's standards. However, the leaders of Red Bull still have confidence and hope that Perez could improve things in the future. Sergio especially remembered the race in Qatar. Then he picked up three separate penalties for track limits. In the interview with the media, Perez had the feeling that he could not achieve a worse result. It was clear that his confidence was lacking, and that he urgently needed to work on himself.

“It was such a bad weekend that I felt like ‘I cannot be this bad', that there was something else going on,” Perez said, as quoted by!

The Mexican emphasized that such things still influenced him to understand where he makes the biggest mistakes and to correct them in the future. Last season in general can be a big lesson for him. It takes some time for Sergio to understand where he made the biggest mistakes, as well as the team. Red Bull leaders want the difference between the leader (Verstappen) and Perez to be as small as possible. If Perez does not achieve the team's goals next season, one thing is certain: It will be time to say goodbye. Red Bull will look for happiness in someone else.

“So we took the time to understand what was going on with the car. I needed to understand a lot of things that we were doing and to go into a lot of detail.

The problems we had made me understand a lot more about what I was doing with the setup, and which direction I needed to go when I got issues. It's something that is definitely going to make us stronger.”- Perez continue

After the Qatar race, Sergio Perez talked about how the team carefully looked at how they performed. They wanted to understand better why things didn't go well with the car and their strategies.

Looking at their past seasons, it's clear how much Red Bull has always strived to improve month by month. The fact is that they have been dominating the F1 scene for years. Their ambitions are to continue at the same pace in the future.

Perez admitted that they faced some tough times, but he also pointed out something good that came out of it. Even though they had problems, it turned out to be a chance to get better. 

The difficulties they faced helped the team become stronger and better at handling challenges. So, overall, facing those tough times helped the team grow and be more prepared for success in the future. 

Many expect that Red Bull will be the main competitor for the title in the season ahead. Having Max Verstappen in the team is certainly a great chance to repeat the successes of previous seasons. However, other teams are now maximally motivated to spoil their plans.

Sergio Perez and his goals for the next season

Sergio Perez shared that his main goal for the next season is to finish in the first position because he had already finished second before. He understands it's going to be a tough challenge, so he highlighted the importance of using the winter break to prepare well.  No one doubts that the Mexican will enter the next season focused, aware of the role and importance of good performances in the current year.

Perez wants to start the season strong and then keep up a good level of performance throughout the entire racing season. Essentially, he emphasized the need for careful planning and consistent effort to achieve his goal of finishing in the first place. Many consider it impossible that he will actually win the title, but it is too early to make any predictions.

Sergio Perez explained that he believes there is a lot to learn by watching and understanding Max's racing techniques.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen© Peter Fox / Getty Images Sport

He sees Max as a great example because of how competitive he is. Perez thinks it's okay t o study what Max does and how he does it to get better himself. The Dutchman is a driver that many could look up to, including Perez. It is expected that Max will show his class again in the coming seasons and silence the critics who have a lot to say about him.

He stressed the importance of adapting these lessons to his own way of doing things, figuring out what works best for him. Perez also highlighted that keeping an open mindset has always been his approach, and he sees it as a positive way to keep improving his skills as a racer.

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