Style and Speed: Lewis Hamilton's Dual Passion for Fashion and Fast Cars

How hard is it to find a present for Hamilton for his 39th birthday, because he already has a yacht, supercars and watches worth £535,000

by Sededin Dedovic
Style and Speed: Lewis Hamilton's Dual Passion for Fashion and Fast Cars
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Lewis Hamilton, the legendary seven-time Formula 1 world champion, recently celebrated his 39th birthday, and for someone who is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, finding the perfect gift could be a challenging task for friends and family.

With a penchant for luxury, Hamilton's birthday presents in the past have included six-figure watches, luxury yachts and an impressive array of supercars, all of which add to his mesmerizing personal collection. How to choose a gift and make happy a man who has such a collection of goods, but surely even a famous driver is not immune to small gifts from the people who mean the most to him.

Among Hamilton's passions, fashion is prominent, and he has found an excellent way to express his taste and wealth through his impressive watch collection. The 39-year-old boasts a current watch collection worth a staggering £535,000, with two standout pieces contributing significantly to this figure.

Two Philippe Patek Nautilus watches

At the heart of Hamilton's watch collection are two Philippe Patek Nautilus watches, one in black and one in blue, valued at approximately £207,100 and £224,400 respectively.

These watches not only serve as functional accessories, but also reflect Hamilton's refined sense of style. In addition to Patek Philippe watches, the British racing icon owns three IWC watches, each valued at over £20,000, adding to the opulence of his collection.

And to conclude that Hamilton is a big fan of wristwatches because he spent a real fortune on them. Although Hamilton may have parted ways with his legendary Pagani Zonda, his garage still has an impressive assortment of supercars and sports cars.

The British racer's car collection remains a testament to his love of speed and luxury, showcasing a lifestyle that extends beyond the race track. It is not yet known how much his fleet is worth, but it is assumed to be over a million dollars.

His passion for fashion and affinity for high-end watches and cars is something that has become synonymous with this sports icon. With each birthday, Hamilton's collection grows, even though he paid for most of it himself, another good watch will surely make him happy.

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